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You and Lee Company: We CAN make a difference

August 25, 2016

A can of tuna fish is a small thing. Unless your pantry is empty. Unless you don’t know what to feed your kids. Unless you’re hungry and losing hope.

Hunger is a real problem here. According to the latest statistics, 1 in 7 people (including 1 in 5 children) in our community don’t have enough to eat. And you might be surprised at how many of them are our neighbors, hard-working people who too often have to choose between paying bills and buying food.

Fortunately, together, we CAN make a difference.

The Lee Company team invites you to join us in the Vans4Cans program, now through the end of September. It’s simple:

  • Lee Company technicians are collecting canned goods and other non-perishable food items during service calls. Please donate.
  • Don’t need service right now? You can drop off food donations at any Lee Company office.

When you participate in the Vans4Cans program, you provide the food that’s needed – and so much more. You provide true sustenance. You provide hope.

Help us help them.

Lee Company is honored to be a longtime supporter of the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee. Our Vans4Cans program supports Second Harvest and the Food Bank of North Alabama.

Year after year, your support makes this program a success. Thank you!

Bill Lee is presented volunteer honor by the YMCA

July 12, 2016

Bill Lee, chairman of our company, is a longtime volunteer with the YMCA of Middle Tennessee, having joined the YMCA’s board of directors in 2008. According to the Y, Bill has been “a true champion for positive youth development in our community.”

The life-changing power of Bill’s involvement was clear at the YMCA’s recent awards ceremony, when 16-year-old Adam Smith presented Bill, his mentor, with the organization’s highest volunteer honor: the Order of the Red Triangle.

“If I hadn’t met Bill, I probably wouldn’t be thinking about my future today,” Adam said. “I would be going to a low-performance school, I might not be in sports, and I probably would be in a lot of trouble. Bill brings out the light in people that others may not see. He brought out the light in me.”

Accepting the award, Bill told the crowd that he’s the one who has learned – from Adam.

“As volunteers, we really become the recipients not only of awards, but of life-changing experiences,” Bill said. “The difficulties and lack of choices and the dangers that lie for a young man like Adam have been completely made aware to me, and that has changed my desire to not only impact one kid’s life, but makes me want to impact a lot of kids’ lives.”

One by one, we can all make a difference. Watch the video of Adam and Bill here – the few minutes will truly brighten your day. Then, take the next step! Share the Lee Company tradition. Get involved.

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