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Tips to consider before you replace your windows

When the cold weather blows into town, don’t let it blow through your windows. Take a look at new high-efficiency, easy-to-clean windows that save energy and keep homes comfortable year round.

As you begin the process, remember these tips:

  1. Ask about options that help lower utility bills, reduce condensation and noise pollution. High-efficiency windows may also be eligible for a rebate of up to $500 from the TVA Energy Right program.
  2. Are they designed to make cleaning on both sides of the pane as simple as possible? Window cleaning can be a very demanding chore if the design is not the right one.
  3. Appearance matters. High-efficiency windows are available in a wide variety of colors and textures, real wood and vinyl. Choose the look you want to live with for a while, a style that complements your home décor.
  4. Don’t settle. Windows are an important investment in your home. Expect a lifetime buyer warranty.


One final tip:
Don’t let your hard-earned money blow out the window.

Lee Company professionals are happy to come to your home for a free window consultation. If you decide to buy, we offer 0% interest financing or $500 OFF with the purchase of 10 windows or more.

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