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This is one cool honor!

November 17, 2014

Chalk up another fun honor for Lee Company! We’re proud to have been named one of the top 10 coolest companies to work for in Nashville. The recognition comes from A magazine and O.C. Tanner, an international company that develops employee recognition strategies and rewards programs.

Why are we so cool? Lee Company believes in creating an environment where employees thrive. We know that happy, well-trained, confident professionals provide you with the best possible service – whether we’re keeping your house cool (or warm!) or handling any other home services you need, from plumbing to remodeling, electrical work to cleaning the gutters.

This latest honor is one of many for the Lee Company home services team this year. Other recent recognitions include:

  • The Sizzle Awards from Southern Exposure Magazine, The Williamson Herald and Franklin (we were named #1 in all three of our categories: Best Electrician, Best Plumbing and Best Heating & Air)
  • Tennessee’s Top Workplaces award from The Tennessean
  • Super Service Award from Angie’s List – for the fifth consecutive year!


The recognition is terrific. But you know what we really think is cool? Making our customers happy. After all, your home is where our heart is.


Lee Company - Nashville's Coolest Companies

Make sure your home plumbing system is winter ready!

November 03, 2014

Lee Company offers solutions to make your plumbing system winter ready

Part of the “charm” of a Tennessee winter is variety. Temperatures can range from the 70s to the 20s. That means we have to be prepared for whatever Old Man Winter brings – and now’s the time!

Make sure your home plumbing system is winter ready before a freeze by following these simple steps:

Inside plumbing:

  • First things first. Make sure everyone knows where the main water shut-off value is located. Pipes don’t wait for an opportune moment to burst. Everyone in the family should know how to shut off the water if necessary. The quicker you stop the water flow, the less damage done.
  • Inspect your pipes. If there’s a leak, fix it now. If you have pipes in an unheated part of your home, wrap them with insulation or special tape. Our experts can assist with this project.
  • Let a faucet drip during extremely cold weather. A slow drip will help prevent water from freezing and a pipe from bursting.


Outside plumbing:

  • Protect outside faucets. Close the shut-off valve and drain the line for outside faucets. If you don’t have a shut-off valve, use a faucet cover for extra protection.
  • Get out the air compressor. Blow the water through your sprinkler system. It doesn’t cost a penny (assuming you have the compressor!) and it can be a life-saver for the system. If your irrigation system came with instructions for winter preparation, review and follow those instructions.
  • Clean the gutters. Not a fun job, we know – but it’s better to do it now than when it’s cold and windy outside. Cleaning the gutters – and keeping them clean – will protect your eaves and roof and help prevent dangerous icicles from forming.


One of the first signs of a potential winter plumbing problem is a decrease in water flow. If you notice that, give us a call. Our expert plumbers are available 24/7/365.

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