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Love is in the air :)

February 10, 2015

Improve indoor air quality.

Is there a welcome mat at your front door? That mat does more than express your personality and invite visitors inside. It helps protect your home sweet home – and your family – from pollution.

We often think of pollution as something that happens outside our homes, but inside air quality is also a critical issue. Taking steps today to improve inside air quality is a healthy way to show your Valentines just how much you love them. In a home that’s well-cared for, love really is in the air!

What can you do to improve indoor air quality? The first step is understanding what you’re dealing with on a daily basis. The air we breathe can be polluted with allergens, dust mites and bacterial growth. Your beloved Rover and Tabby are great sources of pet dander. Even the chemicals in our furniture contribute to the overall indoor air quality.

For some people, the accumulated indoor air pollution isn’t an issue. Others can be more susceptible to all or some of these factors. Think of Aunt Mary – the one with all the allergies. When was the last time she spent more than 10 minutes in your home?

Make a clean sweep

Fortunately, there are simple actions you can take today that will make a difference in your home’s air quality:

  • Extend the welcome. Use a mat at every door. You’d be amazed – and appalled – at the dirt and pollutants people track in on their shoes.
  • Don’t smoke – or allow anyone else to smoke – inside your home.
  • If you have pets, you have pet hair and dander floating around. Remember to vacuum the furniture regularly, as well as the carpets.
  • You don’t have pets? Your home may still have pet dander. It’s one of those pollutants known as a community allergen. Vacuum that furniture.
  • Periodically after you vacuum, clean the vacuum filters. And, to catch leftover dirt, mop the floors after you vacuum. The results make the work worthwhile.
  • Minimize dust mites in your bedroom. Wash the bedcovers and pillows once per week – and use the hottest water setting that’s appropriate for your linens.
  • Do you keep stuffed animals on the bed? They’re no doubt cute, but they’re also dust mite magnets. To help prevent asthma attacks and other allergic reactions, move the stuffed animals off the bed.
  • Install and use a ventilation fan in bathrooms to minimize bacterial growth.
  • Make sure you have working carbon monoxide detectors in living areas, and near your HVAC units.

Sitting by the fireplace to enjoy the crackling flames with your Valentine sounds like a terrific plan. You could even make s’mores! Just be sure the room is well ventilated and the flue damper is open. After all, we want to take care of those we love.

Professionals, such as our team at Lee Company, are happy to perform indoor air quality tests and recommend simple changes or new equipment that can help you and yours breathe easy. Call us today to schedule an indoor air quality assessment!

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