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1,000 Reasons to Celebrate!

February 29, 2016

We are very proud to announce our most recent Lee Company milestone: Our team is now 1,000 employees strong.


There are 1,000 reasons to celebrate this great achievement including:

  • 1,000 Strong! Our incredible employees are our strength.
  • Our growth is a testament to our customers’ faith in us. We are grateful for your business, which allows us to continue to grow and thrive!
  • 1,000 employees strong = 1,000 families supported!
  • More people…more purpose! With 1,000 professionals onboard, we are better positioned to positively impact lives throughout the communities we serve.


1000 strong

A lot has changed since Leon Lee started this company back in 1944, yet our mission remains focused on our employees – all 1,000 of you. We want Lee Company to be a workplace where our employees can thrive.

As we thrive, we will continue working together to find innovative and original solutions thoughtfully and reliably, to meet the specific needs of every customer.

It’s an honor to be on this journey with all of you. We’re excited about how far we’ve come, and where we’re going. Thank you!

Fighting Brain Drain with Massive Smart Glasses Rollout

February 22, 2016

February 16, 2016


It’s a looming question for many field service organizations: How do you keep your brain trust of experienced technicians from retiring early? Often they leave after a couple of decades due to the physical demands of the job, such as climbing ladders or spending hours working on rooftops and in basements.

For Nashville’s Lee Company, the answer has come in the form of wearable tech, thanks to the recent rollout of 500 pairs of smart glasses. The idea: Retain experienced technicians as virtual supervisors who, from the comfort of the office, can help smart glasses-wearing techs in the field triage and fix problems.

Founded in 1944, Lee Company provides facilities services for home and commercial customers in Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky. The company closely watches technology innovations that can help it stay competitive, says Steve Scott, Lee’s vice president of facilities solutions. “If we’re going to be a sustainable company for another 70 years, we’ve got to figure out how to stay relevant,” Scott says.

Experienced Eyes in the Field

Recently, Lee Company equipped technicians from its commercial service division with smart glasses from Vuzix to wear as they traveled to customer sites to maintain complex HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems. The glasses are equipped with software from XOEye that allows telepresence videoconferencing between on-site technicians and off-site supervisors, and also lets technicians in the company’s “triage center” access and view project documents like wiring diagrams and maintenance manuals.

“We use the glasses so we can see what the technician sees,” Scott says. “If technicians get into the work and find they need guidance, they can call in and talk to a supervisor [who] can offer support to the person on-site in real time, and suggest repairs and equipment changeouts.”

Before the smart glasses, if on-site technicians hit a roadblock at a customer location, they’d have to phone the triage center and verbally explain the problem. A senior technician would then jump in a truck, drive to the site and spend time troubleshooting (and climbing ladders, working in hazardous conditions, and so on).“That was the hard way,” Scott says. “There would have been delays, and the longer that equipment is down, the more it’s costing customers.”Now experienced staff can see video from the on-site technicians’ perspective — and they don’t need to leave the triage center to solve tough challenges. Onsite technicians can get systems up and running much faster, allowing them to move on to new customers and get more calls done in a day.
Customers See Clear Benefits
The smart glasses don’t just help connect senior technicians with their junior colleagues — they also help connect customers to the intricacies of the repair work being done to complex commercial systems. Software lets technicians attach video clips from the repair site, captured by the smart glasses, to service tickets so customers can see what was done to solve the problem. “Customers want more transparency. They want to know what we were doing in the places they can’t see, like on the roof of a building,” Scott says. “It creates more accountability.”

If we’re going to be a sustainable company for another 70 years, we’ve got to figure out how to stay relevant. — Steve Scott, Lee Company

And while they might not make the connection themselves, customers like the fact that smart glasses connect them to the most knowledgeable talent at Lee Company, even if the technicians aren’t there in person. “Customers always want the most experienced technicians to deal with their systems,” Scott says. The smart glasses help Lee Company meet this request, without demanding that the technicians be required to perform feats of strength and agility that might not be attainable.

The combination of smart glasses and smarter technicians is also helping Lee Company get more business. “It’s easier to get customers to make decisions on projects when we’re giving them a compelling narrative,” Scott says. “We’re showing them how it looks on the roof, or we walk through a mechanical room that has damage, and we can talk through the repair process. That kind of data helps decisions get made faster.”

So far, technicians see the smart glasses as a boon to their work, not a barrier. “Morale is good,” Scott says. “We didn’t just say, here’s the tool and start using it. We tried to get everyone to understand our vision for why we’re doing this.”

In the end, the company hopes that keeping creative and smart technicians on the job longer will raise its service levels across the board. “We’re retaining intellectual property and creating more career mobility,” says Scott.

Christine Kent brings more than 20 years of writing and journalism expertise to her work for technology, consumer and corporate organizations.

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Climbing the ladder of success

February 18, 2016


When you’re climbing the ladder of success, it helps to have someone holding it steady.

At Lee Company, we believe in doing what it takes to help our team and our customers succeed. As a perfect example, we’re now using smart safety glasses to enable longtime service professionals to mentor younger pros out in the field.

Using this innovative technology, Lee Company technicians can climb a ladder onto a facility rooftop – or shimmy into a tight area – and send high-definition photos, video and audio back to service mentors at Lee Company headquarters. If our on-site professionals have any questions about next steps, the experienced advisers are ready to help. Facility managers also have the chance to see what we see.

With everyone on board, there’s no delay in action and no need to reschedule repairs. The work gets done right, the first time.

No wonder so many customers are climbing on board!

Our smart glasses. Your smart move.

Smart glasses are just one of the technology-driven tools Lee Company provides with Insight, our comprehensive technology platform for facility managers. Move forward with Insight. Call Lee Company today: 615-567-1000.


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Leading the industry with wearable technology

Lee Company Fights Brain Drain with Massive Smart Glasses Rollout



Good enough never is

February 16, 2016

For years, the accepted philosophy in facility management has been: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

With today’s technology, that approach simply isn’t good enough. Lee Company is now leading the industry with the use of smart safety glasses – wearable technology that helps our technicians enhance repair work and preventive maintenance. Lee Company’s smart glasses empower our professional technicians to:

  • Capture high-definition photos, video and audio – taking you virtually “on site” as we check facility equipment. We catch issues before they become problems.
  • Consult immediately with service mentors at Lee Company headquarters. Tapping into their expertise helps our younger professionals provide the best service possible.
  • Deliver greater transparency and confidence, along with enhanced service. Ever wonder what’s really going on with equipment you can’t see? Now, you’ll know.


Our smart glasses. Your smart move.

Smart glasses are just one of the technology-driven tools Lee Company provides with Insight, our comprehensive technology platform for facility managers. Move forward with Insight. Call Lee Company today: 615-567-1000.

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Lee Company Fights Brain Drain with Massive Smart Glasses Rollout

Lee Company Names Richard Perko President & CEO

February 05, 2016


Bill Lee remains Chairman of the Board for this third-generation family-owned company

  • Perko and Lee to continue collaboration as company continues to grow
  • Leadership move precedes physical move into new corporate headquarters


Richard Perko

Lee Company has announced that Richard Perko has been named CEO, a position that has been held by Bill Lee, who will remain as Chairman of the Board for the facility and residential services company his grandfather launched in 1944.

“At Lee Company, our mission has always been to create a workplace where employees can thrive, and Richard is a perfect example of that,” says Lee. “He joined our company back in 1996 straight out of college, and worked hard, growing into a leadership role. As president of Lee Company, he has done an exemplary job, as our results over the past 6 years testify.”

In 2015, Lee Company made national headlines with the world’s largest roll-out of wearable technology in enterprise– innovative smart glasses that enable service technicians in the field to provide facility managers with real time view and audio of their work, leading to improved service, repair and maintenance. The company is also in the midst of constructing a new, larger headquarters facility to accommodate its growth.

“This is the most exciting time in our company’s history. Our customers continue to seek our services and are rewarding us with unprecedented growth in all of our business units.” says Perko. “Lee Company is now recognized as a firm that provides comprehensive services for facilities and homes and is known to have the best, brightest people in the industry. Now we have added the latest technology available to expand our ability to provide solutions to our customers in ways they once only imagined.”

About Lee Company Lee Company, a $165 million comprehensive facilities solutions and home services company with over 950 employees, was founded by Leon Lee in 1944. The company’s home services include: heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, home security, home improvements, window replacement and appliance repair. Lee Company also offers facilities services and solutions for companies and organizations in the government, institutional, commercial, health care and industrial areas. Among its many recognitions, Lee Company was recently honored by the Associated General Contractors of America with the 2015 Subcontractor of the Year award in the $10 million+ category.

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