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Building Trust as a Service Provider

January 19, 2017


We begin each new customer relationship with the knowledge that you might question a service provider’s integrity. It’s an unfortunate, but understandable, part of our business. Home and facility maintenance and repair is like other service businesses – customers have no choice but to trust the word of the provider. Based on experiences in the past or stories they’ve heard, people may wonder, “Do I really need that new compressor? How would I know?”

Lee Company HVAC technicians use smart glasses

Good questions. And, thanks to technology Lee Company has pioneered, we can now offer answers that go beyond, “Just trust us.”

Using smart glasses, our professional technicians can show you the compressor, or whatever piece of equipment we’re discussing. The process is straightforward: The Lee Company technician wears safety glasses equipped with Bluetooth technology, a camera and a microphone. The glasses allow us to virtually take you along – whether we’re moving through a crawl space or up on a roof. You see and hear what we see and hear.

By giving people a view of their homes and facilities that they’ve never seen before, Lee Company gives them another reason to trust us. We love the feedback we are receiving, and are confident that our investment in the industry-leading smart glasses is worthwhile, giving customers one more reason to feel confident in their decision to choose us. After all, seeing is believing.

And, yet, this incredible technology is only one reason why customers trust Lee Company. For more than 70 years, we’ve been delivering results that enable us to earn – and keep – the trust of our customers. Lee Company has been recognized by the Better Business Bureau for our ethics, and honored on Angie’s List as a Super Service Provider since 2008.

As delighted as we are by all of that, we’re not resting on our laurels. Just as customers approach a new service provider with questions, we approach customers with questions: “How can we build on the trust and confidence you’ve place in us over the years? What else can we do to be transparent and clear? How we can serve you better?”

In life and in business, trust and transparency matter, and communication builds confidence.

Dan Kalman, Senior Vice President Home Services

Lee Company

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