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Why Outsource Facility Management?

June 25, 2019

Years ago, facility management meant keeping the lights on. It meant keeping a building, or a shopping center, or a hospital at a comfortable temperature year-round. Much of facility management focused on nuts and bolts – as facility managers, we were the “fix it” folk.

Today, the picture is changing. Oh, sure, we’re still fixing everything from broken toilets to complex HVAC systems, but our responsibilities extend far beyond that. Facility management is increasingly important to the C-Suite, and the increased attention has made outsourcing a far more viable option.

CEOs, CFOs and other corporate leaders are beginning to better understand the strategic function that facility management plays in everything from employee productivity to corporate culture to the bottom line. They’re realizing that facility management requires a well-trained team, working with continually updated technology.

You can’t get budget-critical predictive maintenance insights from a wrench.

With all that in play, outsourcing facility management has become a budget-friendly option preferred by CEOs and facility managers alike. For the leadership team, outsourcing helps them connect facility management to the strategic plan, moving the company closer to its goals.

If you’re a facility manager, outsourcing is a huge stress-reducer – and we’re not just talking about taking something off your plate. We know it’s not one plate. At any given time, you have 100 spinning plates in the air and you need to stay on all of them before any situation escalates, and any plates fall.

Outsourcing helps by:

  • Providing immediate access to the latest technology
  • Improving service delivery
  • Cutting costs

Lee Company has been providing facility management services for customers for decades. We’re happy to talk with you about your specific needs, and how our experienced professionals can help.

An Epic Achievement – The Tennessean’s Hall of Fame!

June 20, 2019

Each year, The Tennessean celebrates companies where employees feel valued, appreciated, and supported, with the Top Workplaces award. When a company wins this impressive honor for a fourth time, they are inducted into The Tennessean’s Hall of Fame – an epic achievement!

On June 20th, The Tennessean announced its 2019 Top Workplaces awards, which are an extra-special honor, since the designation stems from employee input. Lee Company is honored to receive this award since we truly believe in creating an environment where our employees can thrive.

We are also honored to announce that our President & CEO Richard Perko was given the Leadership Award from The Tennessean.

The Leadership Award from The Tennessean

We are grateful to have been in business for 75 years. This would not be possible without our fantastic employees and you, our loyal customers. If we’ve not yet met, give us a try!

Many thanks to The Tennessean for the 2019 Top Workplaces honor, and congrats to all the employees who make Lee Company epic! If you’d like to belong to a team that values trust, excellence, and the ability to thrive, come join us! Check out our openings here.

Facility Managers: 10 Reasons the CEO Should Boost Your Budget

June 18, 2019

When budget time rolls around at your company, there’s a good chance the CEO isn’t looking at Facility Management as a critical part of the strategic plan. There’s a really good chance the CEO isn’t looking at Facility Management as a revenue generator.

It’s true. Facility Management is a cost center. And yet, we can easily give you 10 reasons why the CEO should boost your budget:

  1. Today’s facility management goes far beyond nuts and bolts.
    As an industry of its own, facility management is relatively new and starting to gain traction as it delivers results. Moving beyond building maintenance, today’s facility managers are brought into strategic discussions earlier, offering expert input on everything from real estate to design to relevant budgeting.
  2. Investing in facility management is investing in the future.
    As a relatively young field, facility management is attracting some of the best and brightest future industry leaders, people who want to contribute to organizations that value their expertise.
  3. The way the building space is managed impacts employee productivity on a daily basis.
    The nuts and bolts of facility management will always matter. If the elevator is broken or the bathroom is out of order, employees spend more time away from their desks. And we all know what happens to productivity if your building is too hot or too cold.
  4. Facility management impacts employee morale.
    Want employees to be proud to work at your company? Give them workspace that builds pride. It takes resources to fix scuffs, repair broken tiles, handle paint touch-ups. But those little maintenance issues add up to a big difference. And, staying on top of these minor repairs can help your company stay ahead of major, disruptive projects.
  5. You only get one chance to make a first impression.
    Employees aren’t the only people who walk in your front door. Facility management is directly connected to image control. What kind of culture are you projecting? If customers visit your facility, everything from plumbing to HVAC issues shape their view of you.
  6. Strategic facility management helps in budgeting.
    Facility management includes preventive maintenance on major systems. However, it also includes predictive maintenance, helping you anticipate major, necessary expenses so budget can be appropriately allocated.
  7. Technology is changing.
    If you keep facility management in-house, it’s important to invest in rapidly changing technology. Real-time facility data is invaluable.
  8. Your team needs training.
    To keep a facility running securely, you might use automated control systems, data systems, camera systems, etc. Your team needs ongoing training to run and repair these systems.
  9. Dedicating the right budget creates breathing space.
    No one likes unexpected expenses. If you know you’re going to need a new roof next year, now’s the time to budget for it.
  10. Last, but certainly not least: Increasing your budget decreases executive stress.
    With a proper budget, you can staff appropriately; plan maintenance, repairs and replacement for minimum downtime; and help boost productivity and job satisfaction.

If, even with all these logical reasons, you don’t receive the budget boost you want, consider a completely different cost-saving approach to facility management. Outsource with Lee Company. We have the professionals, experience and technology you need to make facility management a strategic advantage.

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The Boiler Room or the Business?

June 13, 2019

There’s a harsh reality to running a business: No one can be an expert in everything. On the bright side, there are experts in everything! Facility management is a prime example. Most corporate leaders didn’t go into business intending to learn what really happens in the boiler room. They don’t want to handle the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, landscaping, pest control – all of it.

Or course, someone has to do it, and when that “someone” is a professional facility manager, businesses gain proven productivity and budget benefits.


Far beyond the Fix-It Function

For a professional in facility management, basic building concerns (Why is it so hot in my office? When will the bathroom be fixed? Who’s taking care of the broken window?) are just the tip of the iceberg. Strategic facility management helps companies:

  • Maintain a focus on their core business
  • Build a competitive advantage and reach strategic goals
  • Anticipate major expenses through predictive maintenance
  • Keep rental rates steady for tenants
  • Maintain budget to invest in opportunities for future growth

Since most businesses don’t specialize in facility management, outsourcing this need offers a number of benefits, including cost savings, access to the latest technology, and improved service delivery.

The reality is: No one’s better at running your business than you. And no one’s better at facility management than Lee Company. Find out how our team can help you turn facility management from a headache into an advantage. Give us a call today!

A chance to show our appreciation

June 06, 2019

Vanderbilt Employee Appreciation Picnic
We were so happy to be part of this year’s Vanderbilt Employee Appreciation Picnic! Hundreds of people turned out at the annual event where sponsors show their appreciation to Vanderbilt employees. Vanderbilt has been a Lee Company facilities solutions customer for many years.

Everyone gathered under the big white tent at Magnolia Circle. Food trucks lined the outside with local fresh flavor, while the inside was lined with neighborhood businesses. There was no shortage of activities: corn hole, a caricature artist, a hula hoop competition, a baking contest, a trivia game, and countless free goodies at many of the vendor tables, including ours! It was a pleasure to meet members of the community and share how Lee Company can be of service. The more hands we shook, the more we realized how grateful people were for our support.

Special thanks to our team of volunteers who helped bring our booth to life. We are already looking forward to this event next year!

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