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Don’t be left in the dark.

October 10, 2017

We’re in the Tennessee Valley. There’s every reason to expect fall and winter storms will knock the power off – or create dangerous power surges. Energy vampires are rubbing their hands in glee, just thinking about the months ahead.

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Fortunately, help is at hand. Put Lee Company on your team. Keep the home fires burning because you like the fireplace – not because you need the light and heat!

Vanquish vampires with:

  • Surge protectors: A surge protector, or surge suppressor, is designed to help protect electrical systems, electronics and appliances from power fluctuations. These fluctuations could come from storms, downed power lines, brownouts, or even the on-off cycle of electronics in your home.
  • Whole home generators: These generators keep the lights on and the refrigerator running even when the electrical system gets zapped. They’re especially useful if you use critical healthcare equipment at home or run a business out of your home.

Lighten up

Never come home to a dark house. Lighting automation and photocell controls give you the ability to program your lighting for safety and energy conservation. And, the power of electricity extends beyond the walls of your home! Keep vampires at bay with accent and landscape lighting. Learn more. When it comes to protecting you and your home, Lee Company has a host of bright ideas.

Are energy vampires draining your wallet?

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