Fortune and Fame!

January 26, 2015

We could tell you that Lee Company leads the industry in adapting the latest technology to help our customers. But, fortunately, we don’t need to brag about ourselves. Fortune magazine is doing it for us!

In a recent Fortune article on wearable technology, Lee Company is cited – right at the start – as a firm that has figured out how our seasoned professionals can be “on site” with new technicians via safety glasses that are equipped with Bluetooth technology, a camera, microphone, speaker and flash drive. These glasses allow newer workers to climb up on a roof to inspect a mechanical system, and show Lee Company veterans back at the office what’s happening. With a clear picture of the situation, the veterans can then mentor the newer professionals, offering both input and guidance on next steps.

As an added bonus, the technology also allows us to give customers a firsthand look at mechanical issues and solutions – without asking them to climb a ladder.

Given the positive results of our pilot program, Lee Company President Richard Perko told Fortune we’ll be investing in additional pairs of the high-tech safety glasses.

Technology powered service industry platform created by Lee Company.And there’s more …

The smart safety glasses are only one aspect of Insight, Lee Company’s comprehensive technology platform. The industry-leading Insight package also includes GPS, geo-fencing, TechLink field mobility tools and our Digital Sound Technology (DST). DST provides ultrasound diagnostics that deliver invaluable “Insight” for trouble shooting, scheduled maintenance and predictive maintenance.

Put it all together, and Lee Company offers by far the industry’s best technology package – and we’re always working to enhance it. Why the focus on continual improvement? Because it’s our good fortune to serve our customers. We never forget that and we never stop improving. At Lee Company, we give life to facilities.

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