If I Only Had a Heart – Your HVAC does!

May 28, 2015


Ever watch The Wizard of Oz? The Tin Man wishes he had a heart. But, in the end, he realizes the problem with having a heart: It can break.

Much like the Tin Man, your HVAC system has a heart and if it breaks, you’re in trouble. The heart of the system is the compressor. Industry research – and our experience in homes and facilities – makes the bottom line clear: It pays to keep the system’s heart pumping with regular maintenance and, if needed, timely repairs.

Why? If the compressor doesn’t function properly, the comfort of your home is compromised and you’re likely to see energy costs rise. If the compressor stops working completely, whoa. Your HVAC system stops.

Lee Company HVAC compressor maintenance

No one wants that.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to help ensure that your HVAC heart stays healthy. Regular, preventive maintenance has proven to identify potential problems before they become major issues. How often should you have your HVAC system checked? The professionals at Lee Company suggest two thorough inspections each year. As a quick reminder, inspecting the HVAC system is part of the package when you’re a Lee Company Home Maintenance Plan Member – and memberships start as low as $8.25 per month!

Your HVAC system does have a heart. Shouldn’t you have a plan?

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