How to Get Your Garden and Landscaping Ready for Spring

March 06, 2018

Warm weather has been coming and going, but soon it will be here to stay. For those of us eager to get outside, it’s easy to look forward to the beauty and colors of Spring. With the final frost dates in Middle Tennessee usually being between March 30 and April 30, it’s the perfect time to set your home garden and landscaping plans for the year.

The USDA offers a Plant Hardiness Zone Map to find annual temperatures in your area.

Whether you’re simply tending to your lawn, crafting a dream landscape or sowing a home garden, here are some ways to use March most effectively.

Get your tools in shape and ready to use

Check your garden tools to make sure they’re all in working order before you need them. This includes sharpening blades, cleaning tools or removing rust. Replace any broken tools now and save yourself a headache in the future. Now is a good time to also check your lawnmower to make sure it’s running properly and fully fueled for the warm weather ahead.

HGTV offers some great tips for cleaning your garden tools.

Set your strategy and make it happen

Once things start growing, it’s harder to make big changes. Have you been mulling over a new irrigation system? Install it now and get it running smoothly by the time you plant. Are you jealous of your neighbor’s landscape lighting? Upgrade your lighting to solar and save energy once summer sun hits. The possibilities are endless if you start early.

Here are some benefits of outdoor landscape lighting for your home.

Clear the way for growth

Speaking of things growing, March is the time to clear away any dead branches or debris winter left behind. Rake your lawn and pick up any branches or debris to give the soil some good air and light. Sprinkle any dead patches with a soil/seed mixture to get new grass growing.

In your garden or landscaping, prune damaged branches and clear out dead perennials. Pay attention to the soil and pull any winter weeds you see before they have a chance to seed. You can also transplant any existing shrubs and perennials you want to move or divide.

Plant early crops and flowers now

March is a great time to plant early spring vegetables – broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, onions, and potatoes. You might even explore planting several varieties to prolong the harvest. If you plan to plant any seedlings indoors, get them growing now so you’re ready to transplant after the final frost.

Check the Old Farmer’s Almanac for optimal planting dates in your city. For help all year long, you can print this home garden calendar from the University of Tennessee (PDF).

Spring weather is almost here to stay. The more prep you do up front, the more you’ll be able to enjoy your lawn and garden throughout the warm seasons. As always, if you are looking for help getting your home ready for the warm season, call Lee Company today.




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