HVAC Mechanical Systems: Using Telepresence to Add Transparency and Efficiency

May 29, 2019

For facility owners and managers, understanding and validating recommended HVAC service options is a real challenge. When you’re not confident about the information provided, it’s natural to delay critical decisions on repairs, equipment usage, and capital expenditures.

Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on paper documentation and verbal assurances from an HVAC technician anymore. Today’s telepresence technology delivers the transparent data you need to make strategic decisions efficiently and keep your HVAC mechanical systems in top shape.


What is telepresence?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, “Telepresence is the use of virtual reality technology, especially for remote control of machinery or for apparent participation in distant events.

While the technology is complex, the approach is simple. Telepresence enhances your access to real-time information, expands a service provider’s workforce, and enables the delivery of better solutions, faster.

For example, at Lee Company, telepresence technology allows us to obtain audio, video, and other equipment data from the field and send it to our Virtual Support Center. Seasoned pros at the center then draw on their years of experience and customer knowledge to help the HVAC field technicians analyze the data, identify equipment issues, and find solutions.

For customers, telepresence technology provides transparent data and informed feedback. You gain the insight and clarity needed to:

  • Make decisions with confidence
  • Ensure that service, calibration, and maintenance all contribute to enhanced performance and efficiency
  • Optimize the lifecycle of essential HVAC systems


Is now the time for telepresence?

How do you make a decision to add telepresence to your HVAC program? Start by considering all the options. In addition to expanding the expert team working on your HVAC mechanical systems, telepresence technology at Lee Company provides:

  • Access to the Virtual Support Center team to help your in-house staff resolve equipment issues
  • Remote monitoring of facilities and building automation systems (BAS), including regular checks of designated points, temperatures, and alarms
  • Ability to ask the Virtual Support Center to make adjustments or dispatch Lee Company technicians, based upon customer-specific protocols

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