Is it time to add outdoor lighting to your home?

November 05, 2015

The time change may have given us an extra hour of sleep this past weekend, but it also marked the beginning of early sunsets.  For the next few months, most of us will be getting home just in time for daylight hours to come to an end.  Outdoor and landscape lighting can help you get the most out of your home during these extended nighttime hours, while also making your home a safe and inviting place to be for the upcoming holiday season.

Outdoor landscape lighting

Here are four great benefits you can expect from adding some extra light to your home:

Curb appeal

Homes that are well-lit when it’s dark outside stand out in a good way compared to darker homes.  Lights add that extra lived-in, welcoming feel that we all want our homes to have.  Also, you’ve worked hard to get you landscaping just how you like it, outdoor lighting can be designed to highlight what you love most about your home.


With the days getting shorter this time of year, it’s harder to get the most out of your outdoor living spaces.  Adding some extra lighting can help extend the functional hours of your patio or back yard long after the sun goes down.

Home Security

Illuminated homes are less of a target for mischievous individuals.  It is harder for burglars and vandals to get near a well-lit home without being seen.  When installing outdoor and landscape lights, you should consider strategically brightening areas that could be appealing entry points to someone with bad intentions.

Personal and guest safety

Protect your friends, family, and even yourself from tripping and falling by shining some light on potential hazards.  When improperly lit, stairs and dips in the pavement can present a very real danger to visitors who aren’t familiar with your property.  Additional outdoor light can help you avoid unwanted accidents and injuries to you and those you love.

Just like no two families are the same, at Lee Company we recognize that no two homes are the same.  Call the experts at Lee Company to have a skilled technician personalize an outdoor and landscape lighting plan just for you!  Contact us by calling your local office or visit today!

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