The secret hidden in your attic!

April 09, 2014

On a typical summer afternoon in Alabama or Tennessee, it’s not unusual to hit 95 degrees. When it’s that hot outside, the temperature in your attic can soar above 130 degrees.

If you rarely visit the attic, you might think that layer of heat doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, it does matter to your air conditioner. When the attic temperature rises that high, the air conditioner has to work harder to cool your living space. And, the harder the air conditioner works, the higher your electric bill goes.

In addition, the related challenges go beyond the cost of keeping your home cool and comfortable. If your attic isn’t properly vented, moisture can build up, bringing with it the potential for wood rot and the issues associated with it.

To address all these issues, homeowners often opt for an attic fan. Installing an attic fan helps reduce energy consumption and increase air quality by pushing hot air and humidity out of an attic and drawing cool air in from the outside. While this is a good step, it’s important to remember that not all attic fans are created equal. Solar powered fans are an energy efficient way to cool your attic: Once installed, they don’t require any electrical wiring or power. Tapping into the power of a solar attic ventilator enables you to cool your attic, reduce energy consumption and improve air quality inside your home.

The best time for installation? Now. Before the summer heat hits.

So long, high utility bills. Hello, Solar Attic Ventilator!

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