Spring forward. But don’t surge ahead.

March 04, 2015

Storm surge protectors for HVAC units.Spring is here, along with warmer weather so we can expect storms – the main cause of power surges. Is your home protected from power fluctuations that can damage expensive electrical systems and devices?

Many homeowners think they’re covered if their computers are plugged into a power strip. Unfortunately, that’s not enough. A power surge can enter your home through any wire – even the phone and cable lines. It may last less than a second. However, in that minuscule amount of time, it can do massive damage, frying expensive electronics and appliances. One brief surge can also hurt your HVAC system, typically the most expensive mechanical system in a home.

The risk is real. The time is right. Purchase a surge protector now, and “spring forward” with one less job on your to-do list. A surge protector, sometimes called a surge suppressor, is designed to help protect electrical systems, electronics and appliances from power fluctuations, including the voltage spikes we see with storms.

What’s more, a surge protector offers year-round assurance. That’s important, since storms aren’t the only cause of potentially damaging power fluctuations. The fluctuations may be caused by downed power lines; a temporary power interruption, such as a brownout; or even the on-off cycle of electronics in your home.

Take advantage of our urge to protect you from a surge.

An air conditioning surge protector can bring the peace of mind that comes from knowing your surge protector can:

  • Reduce loss of equipment and the related downtime
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Provide a form of low-cost insurance for your HVAC system through the manufacturer.


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