Thanks for your interest in the EnergyRight Solutions for Business (ERSB) program!


You’ve taken the first step. Now, Lee Company is happy to answer any questions you have about ERSB, whether you’re interested in installing new equipment or making a qualifying upgrade.

The ERSB basics

The ERSB program is offered in partnership between local power companies and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and is designed to reduce power demand by encouraging companies – like yours – to use more energy-efficient equipment. ERSB provides a great opportunity to save money now on the initial project and more money later, as your energy-efficient equipment lowers utility bills.

What types of businesses can participate?

Commercial businesses that are served by a participating power company and have an electric energy-efficiency project may qualify.

What incentives are available?

Both standard rebates and custom incentives are offered to help reduce project costs and accelerate your payback.

How do I know if my business/project qualifies for an ERSB rebate or incentive?

The TVA has “How to Get Started” information online. Or, save energy from the start: Work with Lee Company and we’ll walk you through every step of the process. Fill out this form and we will contact you shortly to get started.


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