What happens in Vegas…

January 13, 2016


Certainly doesn’t stay in Vegas! At least, not when “what’s happening” includes our record-setting rollout of wearable technology.

Lee Company, along with technology leaders Vuzix and XOEye Technologies, captured attention at the 2016 International Consumer Electronics (CES) Show in Las Vegas with the announcement of the world’s largest commercial roll-out of wearable technology. That’s right. Lee Company is leading the way, strengthening our technicians’ toolboxes with 500 smart glasses.

As always, we’re advancing with you in mind. With the smart glasses from Vuzix and custom applications from XOEye, Lee Company technicians can now give facility managers a real-time , close-up view of exactly what’s happening with equipment, no matter how remote or hard-to-reach the equipment site may be.

Our smart glasses. Your smart move.

Smart glasses are just one of the technology-driven tools Lee Company provides with INSIGHT, our comprehensive technology platform for facility managers. Move forward with INSIGHT. Call Lee Company today: 615-567-1000.

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