Climbing the ladder of success

February 18, 2016


When you’re climbing the ladder of success, it helps to have someone holding it steady.

At Lee Company, we believe in doing what it takes to help our team and our customers succeed. As a perfect example, we’re now using smart safety glasses to enable longtime service professionals to mentor younger pros out in the field.

Using this innovative technology, Lee Company technicians can climb a ladder onto a facility rooftop – or shimmy into a tight area – and send high-definition photos, video and audio back to service mentors at Lee Company headquarters. If our on-site professionals have any questions about next steps, the experienced advisers are ready to help. Facility managers also have the chance to see what we see.

With everyone on board, there’s no delay in action and no need to reschedule repairs. The work gets done right, the first time.

No wonder so many customers are climbing on board!

Our smart glasses. Your smart move.

Smart glasses are just one of the technology-driven tools Lee Company provides with Insight, our comprehensive technology platform for facility managers. Move forward with Insight. Call Lee Company today: 615-567-1000.


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