Don’t Ignore that Cooling Tower

May 21, 2015


When it comes to large commercial systems, cooling towers seem to receive less attention than other system components. According to Chris Walton, assistant manager, marketing communications, Baltimore Aircoil Co., “The cooling tower is often the forgotten component of the system when it comes to maintenance.”

Yet, cooling tower maintenance is vital to ensuring overall system efficiency and preventing downtime. Todd Beard, regional operations director, Lee Company, Franklin, Tennessee, noted, “When a process or piece of cooling equipment depends on a heat-rejection device such as a cooling tower to function properly, there are not many alternatives that will work in the event the tower fails. In other words, there is typically not a cooling tower sitting in a warehouse somewhere ready to be installed at a moment’s notice. It’s not a matter of if a poorly or non-maintained tower is going to fail — it’s when.”

And, Beard added, “That is when Murphy’s Law comes into play, and the failure occurs at the most inopportune moment; it happens every time.”

To avoid these worst-case failure scenarios, mechanical systems experts recommend regular and comprehensive cooling tower maintenance.

Commercial HVAC Cooling Tower Maintenance.

Source: ACHR News



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