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September 11, 2015


It’s one thing to talk about wearable technology changing the way we do business. It’s something else to show people exactly what that means.

At the Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit this October, Lee Company Richard Perko from Lee Company, explains how wearable tech is changing the home services and facility management industry.President Richard Perko will be one of the industry leaders showing attendees the amazing benefits wearable technology creates. Richard will present a case study on how Lee Company uses wearable technology to help experienced workforce train and develop junior technicians.

“One of the advantages of working with Lee Company is that our professional technicians stay here for years, so our customers benefit from their knowledge,” says Richard. However, our industry has a deficit of these Senior Techs and it’s only getting worse. As an industry, we are retiring technicians faster than we can replace them and we are missing the very means in which we originally developed these Senior Technicians…on the job training. Not only do we not have enough Senior Techs to accomplish the task of training Junior Techs (on the job), but our customers won’t pay for it. They expect us to find the solution to our workforce development problem without charging them for two technicians. And then there are the physical limitations that our Senior Techs begin to have later in their careers. At the very point in their career that our industry needs them most, our most experienced technicians are forced to retire because they can no longer meet the physical requirements of the job. We risk losing an entire generation of expertise too early if we cannot connect the expertise of this experienced generation to the next one…on the job.

That’s where wearable technology can play an incredible role. To be sure, the solution to our workforce development problem is not wearable technology, it’s On The Job Training, but it’s wearable technology that presents the invaluable opportunity for us to once again train our technicians on the job and preserve our technical brain-trust for years to come.”

The Lee Company approach delivers long-term advantages. Customers benefit from access to our complete team, while the next generation of Lee Company technicians gains invaluable mentoring from our experienced pros.

Richard C. Perko, P.E., President

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