Now you see it: transparency and INSIGHT

March 09, 2016

In business – as in life – solid, long-lasting relationships are built on trust. Integrity matters.

How do you establish trust? At Lee Company, we’ve spent more than 70 years building a reputation for exceptional, reliable service. But we’re not resting on our laurels. We give customers another reason for confidence by taking them with us as we examine their facility equipment.

What? You don’t want to climb onto the roof in the winter? We understand. Lee Company has deployed 500 pairs of smart safety glasses into the field – the world’s largest rollout of this innovative, wearable technology. Armed with these amazing glasses, Lee Company service technicians can climb a roof or shimmy into a tight space, and send back high-definition photos, video and audio.

You’ll see it all from the comfort of your office. And, as they say: Seeing is believing.

Innovation. Integrity. Trust Lee Company to lead the way.


Our smart glasses. Your smart move.

Smart glasses are just one of the technology-driven tools Lee Company provides with Insight, our comprehensive technology platform for facility managers. Move forward with Insight. Call Lee Company today: 615-567-1000.

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