“You want a heating and air conditioning system where?”

September 10, 2014

Lee Company answers the call from Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters

Country music star Brian Kelley from Florida Georgia Line may sing about Dirt, but when it comes to building, he’s not one to start on the “ground” floor. With help from Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters, Kelley and his wife Brittney Marie Cole Kelley are now enjoying a cozy getaway high in the trees.

Naturally, when the experts from Treehouse Masters came to Nashville to build the Kelley’s incredible treehouse, they called Lee Company to install the HVAC system. The system will keep the treehouse cool in the summer and warm in the winter, helping to create a comfortable sanctuary for the Kelleys and their adorable dogs, Smoke and Sage.

The project was a perfect fit for us – Animal Planet, country music, and an HVAC challenge only the experts can handle! For Lee Company, that’s a win-win-win.

Unique challenges are music to our ears

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