Why Outsource Facility Management?

June 25, 2019

Years ago, facility management meant keeping the lights on. It meant keeping a building, or a shopping center, or a hospital at a comfortable temperature year-round. Much of facility management focused on nuts and bolts – as facility managers, we were the “fix it” folk.

Today, the picture is changing. Oh, sure, we’re still fixing everything from broken toilets to complex HVAC systems, but our responsibilities extend far beyond that. Facility management is increasingly important to the C-Suite, and the increased attention has made outsourcing a far more viable option.

CEOs, CFOs and other corporate leaders are beginning to better understand the strategic function that facility management plays in everything from employee productivity to corporate culture to the bottom line. They’re realizing that facility management requires a well-trained team, working with continually updated technology.

You can’t get budget-critical predictive maintenance insights from a wrench.

With all that in play, outsourcing facility management has become a budget-friendly option preferred by CEOs and facility managers alike. For the leadership team, outsourcing helps them connect facility management to the strategic plan, moving the company closer to its goals.

If you’re a facility manager, outsourcing is a huge stress-reducer – and we’re not just talking about taking something off your plate. We know it’s not one plate. At any given time, you have 100 spinning plates in the air and you need to stay on all of them before any situation escalates, and any plates fall.

Outsourcing helps by:

  • Providing immediate access to the latest technology
  • Improving service delivery
  • Cutting costs

Lee Company has been providing facility management services for customers for decades. We’re happy to talk with you about your specific needs, and how our experienced professionals can help.



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