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The environment inside industrial facilities puts tremendous strain on support systems and utilities. Thankfully, Lee Company offers proven turnkey facilities management services that minimize downtime, maximize safety, and help keep you up and running. Since 1944, we have designed, fabricated, installed and serviced mission critical systems for almost every industrial application. Lee Company can meet your specific challenges with comprehensive, industrial-strength services that are efficient and dependable.

Industrial Services

Industrial Services

Here’s a list of just some of the services we have provided our industrial clients. Let us know what you need, and we’ll put together a custom plan designed around your requirements. Lee Company will work hard to become your sole provider of integrated solutions for your industrial facility.

Industrial Services
  • Process chilled and cooling water systems
  • Process humidification and dehumidification systems
  • Process boiler, hot-water and steam systems
  • Industrial hydronic pumping packages
  • Fume hoods, paint booths, makeup air, dust collection, exhaust stacks and other industrial ventilation systems
  • Process hydronic and air-side filtration systems
  • Compressed air systems
Industrial Services
  • Specialty process piping
  • Spot cooling and heating
  • Refrigerant management
  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing shutdown services
  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing diagnostics and forensics
  • Building automation systems (BAS)
  • Energy services
  • Water treatment
  • Specialty fabrication/ASME-certified welding
  • Millwright services

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Our projects

Ficosa Paint Facility

Crossville, Tennessee

Owner: Ficosa
Contract Amount: $99,378

To keep emissions under allowable limits, the Ficosa paint facility in Crossville implemented a series of countermeasures that Lee Company helped execute, including providing a turnkey solution for the installation of a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO). Our work included the engineering of a concrete pad, soil engineering, a 32-square-foot temporary crane pad, a 325-foot-by-10-foot access road, exhaust ductwork and relocation of the main natural gas supply.

Work needed to be completed in six weeks once the RTO was delivered. Ficosa also requested that production downtime be limited to just three days, over one weekend. To accomplish this, Lee Company relocated the main natural gas entrance and tied in all exhaust stacks to prepare for production to start back up Monday morning. Exhaust ductwork was fabricated off-site and installed as soon as it was delivered. Two separate lines were installed—one along the roof and one through the interior—to avoid possible weather issues.

Lee Company completed millwright work and installation of components related to the RTO, which arrived in three tractor-trailer loads. The equipment required a 200-ton crane on a pad that had to meet specs set by the soil engineer. Although the unloading of the RTO was planned for three days, all three trucks were unloaded and equipment set in place in just one day.

The project was completed ahead of schedule despite weather issues and the site’s particular requirements. The RTO is currently operating at 95 percent efficiency, giving Ficosa the ability to continue current programs and bring future ones to Crossville.

Cummins Filtration

Cummins Filtration

Cookeville, Tennessee

Owner: Cummins Inc.
Contract Amount: $589,327

The aim of the Media Center Environmental Control Upgrade Project was to provide a consistent environment to produce filter media for use around the world. It was an opportunity to develop a comprehensive building automation system designed to integrate with a variety of control systems. Lee Company took the lead role, coordinating with sprinkler, electrical, structural steel and roofing contractors.

Cummins asked Lee Company to minimize production downtime to a three-week window per system. Structural, HVAC ductwork, controls and electrical were completed while all systems were in full production for the duration of the project.

After we completed the demolition of 5,700 pounds of ductwork, 12,000 pounds of rooftop equipment and 204 linear feet of pre-engineered modular enclosures, the materials were sent to a recycler or were reused by Cummins.

Lee Company managed the installation of three 95-ton rooftop units and the relocation of a 15-ton unit. Each installed unit weighed 16,000 pounds and was set in place in under four hours. Also installed were three 24-inch exhaust systems to remove process heat to control temperature and humidity.

Lee Company also installed process intake ductwork for high-pressure Delta blowers used in the production of filter media.

Connection and extension of the existing Reliable Controls system were made; the system is used to operate the Cummins Filtration chiller plant. We also added a custom graphics display to the existing BASs for each of the HVAC units, an air compressor plant and process exhaust systems.

Fiberweb Equipment Relocation

Old Hickory, Tennessee

Owner: Fiberweb, Inc.
Contract Amount: $800,000

The Fiberweb Equipment Relocation – Horizon Pilot Line project involved the relocation of the research and development line from Simpsonville, South Carolina, to Old Hickory, Tennessee. The work included disconnecting, packing, and transporting the process equipment, utility lines, and all associated accessories. Once the items arrived in Old Hickory, they were unpacked, cleaned, painted, and inspected before the installation.

The process equipment is located on a four-level mezzanine (17,000 sq ft), where the process starts at the fourth level and feeds down to the lower levels. The product starts out as plastic pellets which are heated through a Dow Therm system to 600̊ F and then extruded to a fiber. The fiber is moved through the line to a lay-down table where it is moved through water and steam before it is baked to a sheet. This product is used for anything from dryer sheets to house wrap.

The utilities, which were installed to supply this process, include 10 to 15 psi steam, steam condensate, chilled water supply and return, compressed air, nitrogen, Dow Therm heated compressed air, natural gas, and hot oil.

To condition the area of the process, there is a 20,000 cfm exhaust fan with a hood and associated duct to remove the excess steam, as well as a 50-ton DX unit supplying conditioned air to four mezzanine levels. The exhaust for the process lay-down tables includes two 100 hp exhaust fans and one 150 hp exhaust fan vented to the outside.

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