Sharing lessons learned: Bill Lee to speak at Belmont University

September 17, 2015


As a family-oriented business, our corporate culture and community commitment are built on a strong ethical foundation, set in place more than 70 years ago. Lee Company is a place where employees thrive, customers are well-served and helping the community is a regular, hands-on practice.

Bill Lee, Lee Company CEONow, the lessons we’ve learned over the years – lessons that have helped us gain recognition as one of Tennessee’s “Best Companies to Work For” – will help other organizations and the next generation of business leaders.

CEO Bill Lee will be at Belmont University Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015, for two special presentations. In a convocation to students and an address to academic, business and community leaders, Bill will highlight the value of creating an ethical organizational culture and the role executive leadership play in nurturing effective cultural change.

The ethical advantage

Ethics matter – no matter what industry you’re in. Lee Company customers trust us to handle maintenance and repair work in their homes and facilities. Education matters too. In keeping with our corporate culture, Lee Company provides ongoing educational opportunities to employees. This outreach at Belmont University is a wonderful way for us to extend that philosophy and share our approach.

Our thanks to Avenue Bank, the Edward C. Kennedy Center for Business Ethics at Belmont University and Rogers Group for sponsoring Bill Lee’s presentation.



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