There’s no place like home for the holidays – and no time like now to buy your favorite homeowners the perfect gift! Not sure what that is? No worries. We’ve explored the options, and selected sure-to-please presents for even the hard-to-please people on your list. Stressless. We’ve got your back, so you can get the gifts!


Your eyes may glaze over when talk turns to technology, but techie types love all the latest gadgets. This year’s best technology gifts are more than cool. They’re practical. They’re romantic. They’re hot.


Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo

Is there an Echo in here? There should be. Echo is all-new this year, and it looks – and sounds – better than ever. Sure, you can ask for a weather report or news update. But Echo, with Alexa Voice Service, is also high-tech mistletoe. Play your song. Dim the lights. And never get off the couch.



Honeywell Touchscreen System
Smart AC mount

The best technology makes life better. This year’s touchscreen systems allow techies to literally keep their finger on the pulse of their home, no matter where they are. At work? Out for dinner? With a whole-home system, like those Lee Company installs, your techie can turn lights on and off, check locks, and more – all with a tap on an app.



Be secure in the knowledge that you’re buying exactly the right present for the homeowner who’s – well – a tad insecure. This year’s hottest gifts include affordable protection and peace of mind.



Touchscreen keypad
Smart Lock

We all have one friend who forgets or loses, her house key. All. The. Time. Or, she gives it to someone to hold – and that someone leaves the party without her. A keypad lock for keyless entry is the perfect security solution. Make this gift even better! Lock up holiday joy by having a handyman from Lee Company handle the installation.



Netgear Arlo Camera
House Camera

Weatherproofed to withstand both indoor and outdoor storms, the Netgear Arlo camera line provides a 24/7 view of what’s really happening at home. Watch for intruders from a phone, or see how the nanny handles a three-year-old’s tantrum. Would your friend like to check on a fur baby? Security systems like Arlo are always Spot-on.



Home is where the heart is – and the hobbies and the hideaways. For people who consider their home a sanctuary, this year’s innovations make home sweet home even sweeter.



Keen Home Vents
Smart vents

Does your friend watch Shark Tank? If the answer is yes, then they may already be familiar with Keen Home Vents. These vents keep each room at the right temperature and are controlled from a phone.  Whether they like their home hot or cold, these vents will balance the temperature by redirecting airflow between rooms.  Keen Home Vents also help lower energy bills. What friend wouldn’t love the gift of comfort and savings?



Orbi Internet
WIFI booster

What do they really want for Christmas? World peace and wifi. And you can put a bow on half of that. The reviews are in, and this system rocks. It’s super awesome wifi for the best Netflix binging of all time. This system covers the entire house. From the porch to the patio. After all, the Walking Dead shouldn’t have to fight dead zones.



Is there an environmental activist on your list? That’s great! We can help you double their delight. Buy an eco-friendly present, and wrap it up in the comics page from last Sunday’s newspaper. No newspaper? Use an old map or a grocery sack.



Solar walkway light
Walk way light

Some people make the world a little brighter. Now, you can brighten their lives, with solar landscape lighting! These super-attractive solar-powered lights look great, day or night. Lee Company’s landscaping experts can help place the lights in the best spot to capture the sun and light up the night. Solar landscaping looks great – and people feel great about it.



Touch Screen AC control
smart AC dial

Bee the first on the block to bee super energy efficient with Ecobee. It might look like a thermostat, but it’s way more than that. Ecobee can save an average of 23% in heating and cooling costs each year. And it works with Alexa and Keen Home vents. Hmmm. Some lucky homeowner’s treasure chest is filling up!

From our home to yours, happy holidays! We hope the gifts you get are as perfect as those you give.