An Unexpected Best Man

wedding pavilion

A local couple planned a picture-perfect wedding at their favorite state park. With room for 500 guests at the outdoor pavilion, they envisioned a joyful gathering of friends and family; a sacred ceremony, followed by a glorious celebration. Twinkling lights, joyful music – you can picture it too, can’t you?

Now, take off those rose-petal-colored glasses and envision this: Just days before the wedding, the transformer that powers the pavilion failed inspection. After examining underground trench work, the inspector said it needed improvements. To make matters worse, he told park and utility officials that time wasn’t on their side: He couldn’t come back to review the project before the big event.

No permit, no power, no wedding.

No Problem.

Fortunately, the wedding couple was in the dark – for now. They didn’t know about the problem. And, just as fortunately, they had an unexpected best man in their corner: The state park official in charge of the project. Determined to save the wedding, our hero knew just how to rescue the situation.

With one quick call to Lee Company, help was on the way. Armed with Bluetooth-enabled smart glasses – part of our innovative INSIGHT technol- ogy platform – our technicians captured video of the underground improvements the park had made following the inspection.

We sent the inspector an electronic file for review and waited. Would there by a happy ending? Yes! Based on his off-site – but incredibly clear – view of the improvements, the inspector approved the project. The day was saved!

Fully powered, the park pavilion lit up the night and the happy couple exchanged vows. As the reception began, the band played, our wedding couple danced, guests applauded and – as you might imagine – we all lived happily ever after.

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