Collaboration, Creativity and a Can-Do Attitude


With an internal audit just days away, a manufacturing customer called Lee Company for help with a complicated exhaust problem. The customer produced goods from molten plastic, and smoke from the plastic threatened the health of workers every time they had to pull the injection gun, change molds or switch colors. With less than a week before the corporate inspection, Lee Com- pany had to develop and install a new exhaust process IMMEDIATELY.


Within 30 minutes of the customer’s call, Lee Company pros were on site, reviewed the situation, discussed expectations, and promised to respond before the sun went down. Back at Lee Company, our engineer sketched out an innovative – but doable – solution, while the project manager worked out the budget and material needs. Their creativity and experience paid off. Within hours, the Lee Company team was scanning the plan and sending it back for customer review.


The customer was delighted, relieved, and approved the project that same day. Thanks to Lee Company’s in-house fabrication capabilities, we were able to juggle schedules, make the customized ductwork and install it – per the original sketch – in just a few days. The solution worked, the auditor was satisfied, and Lee Company installed the exhaust system on more than 20 additional machines. Bottom line? The customer, and his employees, are all breathing easier.

Far More Than a Quick Fix

Sure, Lee Company fixed the exhaust system quickly. But we didn’t cut any corners in the process. For example, we chose a filter box that allows the customer to use different types of filters, a flexibility that allows them to meet specific environmental regulations while using off-the-shelf filters that cost less and are easy to maintain and replace. We created a long-term solution for an immediate need, and the customer came back to us when they built a new facility.

It’s the difference between being a vendor and being a partner. At Lee Company, we’re determined to provide a customer experience you simply can’t get elsewhere.

“As people in our industry often say, ‘If I needed it tomorrow, I’d have asked for it tomorrow.’ We’re running hard every day. Fortunately, I had worked with Lee Company before and trusted their ability to react quickly. The Lee Company team responded to my call immediately, with a creative solution that worked.”

Smart People. Dedicated Partners. Creative Solutions.

For more than 70 years, customers have trusted Lee Company to handle everything from HVAC to plumbing to electrical services; we are the established experts in installation, maintenance and repair.

Today, with more than 1,200 professionals on the team, we’re the people facility managers call when they need collaborative partners, eager to tackle the toughest challenges.

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