Minimizing the Volume of Your HVAC System

The ambient noise from your HVAC system can make you feel calm and relaxed – when household sounds blend in the right way, it creates a peaceful background noise. However, when your HVAC unit becomes noisier than you want, the environment is anything but peaceful. Luckily, there are ways to reduce the noise of your HVAC unit.

Consider Location Carefully

Installing an HVAC unit, whether for an upgrade or new construction, raises the question of where the machine should be placed. Placing your unit by the main HVAC ducts might be the worst choice; air ducts amplify the noise made by the air handler. Installing your HVAC unit in a corner is also a poor decision, since the multiple surfaces created by wall corners reflect the sound twice as much. If your HVAC unit is in a troublesome location, Lee Company can relocate the unit.

Add HVAC Noise Barriers

Excessive noise may be caused by friction between the airflow and the metal of the air ducts. Installing insulation within your HVAC ducts can reduce this friction and create less distracting noise. In addition, sound traps tamper the noise that air ducts amplify, blocking the noise coming through your HVAC ducts without blocking airflow. 

For home HVAC systems, more creative sound barriers include growing vegetation and putting up wooden fencing around your primary unit. For safety reasons, you should keep any of these barriers at least two feet away from the HVAC unit. If you have any questions, talk with an expert before creating these barriers. A professional opinion helps ensure your decision is safe and won’t damage your HVAC unit or the plant life around it.

Perform Maintenance

Often, loud rumbling sounds or unusual mechanical noises happen because no one has inspected your HVAC unit in a while. HVAC maintenance is essential in making sure everything runs smoothly and sounds like it too. Reducing noise may require cleaning fan blades, lubricating bearings, isolating your compressor, removing clogs, or clearing your drains. You may even find that your HVAC unit has done its time and needs an upgrade entirely.

Work with an Expert

Whether it’s relocating your unit, installing sound barriers, or performing general maintenance, you’ll want to work with an expert. At Lee Company, we specialize in electrical, plumbing, and HVAC maintenance for homes and facilities. With our proven skill and expertise, we’ll find your HVAC problems and fix them. 

If your noisy HVAC unit is in an office or other facility, we know that the constant sounds of a loud HVAC unit can be a distraction. We believe HVAC maintenance and repair plays an important role in effective facility management. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll help you improve the acoustics of your building and HVAC unit, so the work environment can be more peaceful and productive.