Proper Polymers Brindley Construction

There are times when every square foot of space is critical. Our recent engineering and construction project for Proper Polymer in Pulaski, Tennessee, was definitely one of those times.

Brindley Construction chose Lee Company for this retrofit, knowing we could precisely design HVAC, process cooling and compressed air systems to fit and function in Proper Polymer’s re-purposed building.


Every bit of available manufacturing space needed to be utilized. By working around new bridge crane supports, a large electrical distribution busway and material conveying systems, Lee Company was able to meet the strict criteria for clearance and access around production machines.

Along with the tight space, we faced a tight timeline. Given the highly aggressive schedule to fulfill commitments to suppliers, the entire construction team had to work very closely. Cooperation ruled the day. We completed work on the 44,000 square foot building safely, with no accidents and ahead of schedule. Now, that’s the Proper approach!