sizzle awards Lee Company

Thank you, Williamson County! For the fourth year in a row, Lee Company has claimed the top prize at the Sizzle Awards for Best Electrician, Best Plumbing and Best Heating & Air.

We’re proud to say that Lee Company has been recognized every year since the Sizzle Awards business competition began. That’s very special to us since the honor comes from you: Williamson County residents determine who wins the Sizzle Awards, and the turnout is tremendous. Competition sponsor counted 1 million votes, overall.

Congratulations to all the category winners! And thanks to the competition sponsors, the voters, and to the Lee Company professionals who deliver award-winning service every single day, year after year. We’re more than proud. We’re sizzling!


Chances are, you know what a difference our plumbingelectrical and HVAC pros can make when it comes to keeping your home comfy and cozy. If there’s a service area you haven’t tried yet, now’s the time! The best team in Williamson County is here for you.