How do you install over 60 feet of grease ductwork for an upscale steakhouse and piano bar restaurant, Char, in a multi-story, mixed-used building? By hitting all the right notes. Working in the affluent Green Hills area of Nashville meant space was tight; other tenant spaces were under construction at the same time. Logistics played an integral role to limit disruptions and ensure safety. From a crane lifting 125 feet of ductwork at midnight to deliveries scheduled in the early hours, Lee Company knew how to fine-tune the tenant buildout — including plumbing, mechanical, controls and electrical — around situational challenges.

Square Footage:

4,000 square feet

Duration: 10 months

Scope of Work:

  • Install HVAC System consisting of 1 DOAS (Dedicated Outside Air System), VRF equipment consisting of 5 AHUs, 1 outdoor unit, 2 branch controllers, refrigerant piping
  • Install general exhaust fan, kitchen exhaust fan, kitchen make up air unit, welded carbon steel grease duct, kitchen hood and Ansul fire extinguishing system
  • Install galvanized steel supply, outside air, return and exhaust duct
  • Connection of plumbing to 16 kitchen fixtures
  • DDC Control system installation and programming
  • Airside test and balance

Awards: ABC Award Winner