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We set the standard that leads the industry in meeting customer requirements; enabling employees to thrive through improved safety and prosperity. Continuous improvement, essential processes, employee participation, and training equip resourced teams to get work done on budget, on schedule, with zero accidents and zero defects.

At Lee Company, we’re building a reputation for construction excellence, consistently ranking in the top 30 of ENR’s industry giants nationwide. With core construction services of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical, our vast experience includes the successful completion of projects in over 30 states. Lee Company’s fully integrated delivery method employs the latest in construction technologies, means, and methods. Our design-build expertise leads to smart solutions that meet the specific needs of every customer.
  • MEP construction and commissioning
  • In-house professional engineering
  • Pre-construction services
  • Manufacturing/prefabrication
  • BIM/virtual construction
  • Building automation/HVAC controls
  • HVAC systems test and balance

Healthcare Services

No one in our markets has as much experience or depth in the world of healthcare construction as Lee Company. Let our professionals take care of your complex building needs, minimizing risk and maximizing quality.

  • Design services: fully engineered and stamped documents
  • Construction services: installation of all M&P systems
  • Controls: building automation systems (BAS)
  • Test and balance services
  • Full design-build services for mechanical, plumbing, and medical gas

Lee Company works with hospitals, medical office buildings, specialty clinics, outpatient surgery centers, and skilled nursing/assisted living facilities. Talk to us today to find out how our well-trained professionals, healthcare construction experience, and prefabrication and modular capabilities can help you.

Centennial Medical Center:

Nashville, Tennessee

  • Owner: Hospital Corporation of America
  • Contractor: Brasfield & Gorrie
  • Contract Amount: $29,580,986
Talk about a tall order! Vertical expansion projects are always complex, especially when they’re at a fully functioning hospital. Lee Company successfully completed Centennial Medical Center’s five-story expansion and constructed a central energy plant, with minimal disruption to patient care.

EMJ Parkridge Chiller Tower

Chattanooga, Tennessee

  • Owner: Hospital Corporation of America
  • Contractor: EMJ Construction
  • Contract Amount: $1,293,512
Lee Company had to stop work to clear a path for a Life Flight helicopter; that doesn’t happen often! The chiller tower project for an HCA hospital in Chattanooga was far from typical, far from home, and a big success!

Horizon Medical Center

Dickson, TN

  • Owner: HCA-TriStar Horizon Medical
  • Contractor: Lee Company
  • Contract Amount: $712,512
As part of an upgrade of air handler units at the Horizon Medical Center, an outdoor air unit had to be replaced – a process that would normally take a week and disrupt activities. The hospital needed it done in one day, with no impact on patients. Thanks to extensive, detailed planning, Lee Company completed […]

Hospital Corporations of America HealthPark

Brentwood, TN

  • Owner: Hospital Corporation of America
  • Contractor: Harvest Construction
  • Contract Amount: $6,870,627
To install huge equipment in two HCA buildings, Lee Company renovation pros literally pulled together, creating an elaborate pulley system to lift the equipment into place. With a tight timeline, the team also built two parking garages – all on schedule!

West Valley Hospital

Goodyear, AZ

  • Owner: West Valley Hospital
  • Contractor: R.J. Griffin & Company
  • Contract Amount: $5,389,300
This 165,000 square foot new construction project consisted of eight large central station air handling units located in mechanical rooms and penthouses. The cooling plant was operated by two 300 ton chillers and associated cooling towers. There were two 250 BHP steam boilers with dual fuel burners to allow for alternate fuel sources. Domestic water […]

Summit Building

Brentwood, Tennessee

  • Owner: Advent Properties
  • Contractor: Lee Company
  • Contract Amount: $1,502,400
As a healthcare leader, the tenant has strict requirements for air quality and temperature – and requirements vary from each lab. Lee Company worked around the clock to renovate the HVAC system in an occupied Advent Properties facility, without disrupting operations.

St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital

Murfreesboro, TN

  • Owner: St. Thomas Rutherford
  • Contractor: St. Thomas Rutherford
  • Contract Amount: $136,543
Small jobs make a big difference. Lee Company recently completed a special project for Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital in Murfreesboro, Tenn., updating a critical element of the HVAC system, a computer room air conditioning (CRAC) unit, demonstrating how exceptional teamwork leads to truly special results.

TriStar Skyline Medical Center

Nashville, TN

  • Owner: Hospital Corporation of America
  • Contractor: Batten Shaw
  • Contract Amount: $9,299,863.17
To complete a two-floor vertical expansion of Nashville’s bustling TriStar Skyline Medical Center – without shutting the facility down – required a healthy respect for communication. Working around the clock, Lee Company kept the project on track, and the hospital in operation.

Medical Center at Bowling Green

Bowling Green, KY

  • Owner: Bowling Green Medical Center
  • Contractor: Wehr Constructors
  • Contract Amount: $1,292,880
Building a second story on top of an active hospital creates interesting logistical challenges in the best of times. Building that addition during a pandemic? That takes careful planning and dedicated professionals. Lee Company took on the challenge and succeeded.

Industrial Services

Industrial customers have specific needs for everything from safety to sustainability. Lee Company’s construction professionals work with you to understand your processes and building goals. We put our engineering and construction talents to work, so you can focus on your core business.

  • Process heating and cooling
  • Dust collection, industrial ventilation
  • Piping systems fabrication
  • HVAC and plumbing

Since 1944, Lee Company has designed, fabricated, installed, and maintained HVAC, plumbing, and process systems in almost every sector of the industrial market. When you’re ready to build, we’re ready for you.

Maplehurst Frozen Dough

Mount Juliet, Tennessee

  • Owner: Maplehurst Bakery/Western Foods
  • Contractor: Stellar Group
  • Contract Amount: $1,256,150
Like donuts? Lee Company provided design/build services to the industrial Maplehurst bakery for a frozen dough line, enabling them to ship throughout the country. The team also replaced the bakery’s hot water system – from piping to start-up – for FDA compliance.

J.M. Smucker Co.

Scottsville, KY

  • Owner: J.M. Smucker Co.
  • Contractor: Lee Company
  • Contract Amount: $854,623
It was a sticky situation when a J.M. Smucker Co. plant — responsible for Uncrustables® sandwiches — needed to replace failing air handling units. Lee Company leveraged state-of-the-art capabilities to design and install a solution in just five days — minimizing production downtime.


Bowling Green, KY

  • Owner: BG1
  • Contractor: Lee Company
  • Contract Amount: $342,000
For the first time, a BG1 water processing plant is running at maximum potential, thanks to Lee Company’s design-build of a five-story tower in an existing facility.  According to site visitors: “It’s the best piping job we’ve ever seen.”

CoLinx, LLC

Crossville, TN

  • Owner: CoLinx, LLC
  • Contractor: CoLinx, LLC
  • Contract Amount: $675,160
In a small town, big jobs take on special importance. Working for CoLinx in Crossville, Tenn., Lee Company overcame numerous challenges to design and build an impressive temperature and humidity-control system for one of the largest buildings in town.

Claborn South Limestone Industrial Park Phase 1 and 2

Tanner, AL

  • Owner: Limestone Building Group
  • Contractor: Limestone Building Group
  • Contract Amount: $4,847,159
In 2019, Lee Company’s North Alabama office scored a huge win – a nearly $4.9 million design-build project for Claborn Manufacturing. To do the job right, Lee Company relied on innovative technology, diverse talent, and unstoppable teamwork.


Nashville, TN

  • Owner: FedEx
  • Contractor: The Conlan Company
  • Contract Amount: $1,972,758
After a March 2020 tornado devastates a FedEx facility, Lee Company packs three years of electrical, plumbing and mechanical work into eight months to deliver the resources and relief FedEx employees need to stay productive during a double move.

Vuteq, USA

  • Owner: Vuteq, USA
  • Contractor: Fujita America
  • Contract Amount: $3,515,169
Lee Company bridges a language gap, completes additional scope without additional time and maintains productivity on a major warehouse job despite a pandemic. Fifteen months later, the company delivers full-scale plumbing and HVAC systems on time and on budget.

Commercial Services

To paraphrase the old saying, “If we build it, they will come.” Commercial success hinges on the environment you create, from the ground up. Lee Company’s construction pros work with you to build a facility that appeals to customers, visitors, and employees.

  • Full design-build services
  • HVAC and plumbing
  • Piping systems fabrication
  • Controls: building automation systems (BAS)
  • Test and balance services

For commercial construction, it pays to work with the experts. Lee Company has been helping commercial customers for decades, with experience in everything from retail malls to restaurants and historic renovations. What can we do for you?

505 Nashville

Nashville, TN

  • Owner: Giarratana Development, LLC
  • Contractor: Archer Western – The Walsh Group
  • Contract Amount: $19,991,781
With construction complete and residents moving in, Lee Company can look up with pride at 505, a 46-story skyscraper in downtown Nashville. Lee Company handled all the HVAC and plumbing in 505, and provided cost-saving, time-saving design assistance.


Nashville, Tennessee

  • Owner: WeWork Companies Inc.
  • Contractor: DPR Construction
  • Contract Amount: $1,399,885
The logistical challenges were through the roof when WeWork renovated office space in a 24-story building located in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. Through project management and field expertise, Lee Company overcame those challenges to finish on time and on budget.

Harry’s Fresh Foods

Nashville, TN

  • Owner: Harry’s Fresh Foods
  • Contractor: Carter Group LLC
  • Contract Amount: $4,769,071
When Harry’s Fresh Foods expanded operations, the leading food producer chose Lee Company as its design-build partner to develop the complex mechanical infrastructure required to support 19 kettle production lines. To meet FDA regulations this project included a hot ingredient water system for each kettle, 4 steam pressure reducing stations, and a new exhaust system.

CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc.

Franklin, TN

  • Owner: CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc.
  • Contractor: DF Chase
  • Contract Amount: $731,876
Working on a tight schedule, Lee Company helped CKE Restaurants Holdings move its HQ from California to Franklin. The build-out included a test kitchen on the 10th floor of a new high rise which required several windows had to be removed and the equipment was flown in using a crane.

Harpeth on the Green

Brentwood, TN

  • Owner: Cassidy Turley
  • Contractor: Lee Company
  • Contract Amount: $385,000
Lee Company acted as General Contractor for the renovation of the penthouse at Harpeth on the Green. Lee Company demoed and installed various dampers in the penthouse ductwork.

Westin Hotel

Nashville, TN

  • Owner: Castlerock Asset Management
  • Contractor: D.F. Chase
  • Contract Amount: $11,466,989
Westin had high expectations for its new high-rise hotel in downtown Nashville. Lee Company delivered, overcoming challenges with logistics, weather, space and time to help create a landmark that’s delighting local residents, business travelers and tourists. With 453 guest rooms and suites, this 27-story luxury hotel offers a new vista of the exciting metropolitan area.

Amazon RAD - 1

Antioch, TN

  • Owner: Amazon
  • Contractor: Layton Construction
  • Contract Amount: $2,817,224
When Lee Company scored a prime job for Amazon, they got it done right – despite a nearly impossible timeline and challenges that were, literally, sky high. Lee Company’s buildout of Amazon’s huge warehouse marks a triumph of technology and teamwork.

Kentucky Downs Mint Gaming Hall

Franklin, KY

  • Owner: The Mint Gaming Hall at Kentucky Downs
  • Contractor: Yates Construction
  • Contract Amount: $4,727,663
Lee Company races against time to overcome multiple challenges – including a pandemic, delivering 50,000 pounds of ductwork and $3 million of electrical work on time, ensuring Kentucky Downs’ Mint Gaming Hall expansion opened as planned for Labor Day weekend 2020.

Ramsey Solutions

Franklin, TN

  • Owner: Dave Ramsey
  • Contractor: Solomon Builders
  • Contract Amount: $4,753,961.56
How do you deliver $4.7 million in HVAC and plumbing on budget for Dave Ramsey? Lee Company reduces field labor by 45%, saves $85,000 in value engineering, executes a heavy lift with no disruptions and finishes early during a pandemic.

The Joseph

Nashville, TN

  • Owner: Pizzuti Companies
  • Contractor: Brasfield & Gorrie
  • Contract Amount: $13,934,351
Winning the first five-star hotel project in its history, Lee Company uses BIM, value engineering, in-house fabrication, and ISO certification standards to deliver state-of-the-art mechanical and plumbing systems ahead of schedule, on budget and with zero accidents during a pandemic.

The Viridian

Nashville, TN

  • Owner: Giarratana Development
  • Contractor: JE Dunn (formerly RJ Griffen)
Lee Company was responsible for the engineering, design and construction of the HVAC and plumbing systems for this 31-story, high-rise condominium complex.

Encore Condominiums

Nashville, TN

  • Owner: Giarratana Development
  • Contractor: Brasfield and Gorrie
In addition to designing the mechanical and plumbing systems for this building, the scope of work for the Encore project included conditioning the building and providing the necessary plumbing systems to provide a fully functioning high-rise condominium facility.

Institutional Services

On new construction or renovation of any institutional facility, completing on time and within budget is critical. Lee Company has the engineering and construction resources to execute these time-sensitive projects, and our prefabrication and modular capabilities provide clear benefits.

  • Design services: fully engineered and stamped documents
  • Construction services: installation of all M&P systems
  • Controls: building automation systems (BAS)
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Security and camera systems
  • Test and balance services

With full design-build services and proven success with K-12 schools, universities, dorms, and cafeterias, Lee Company helps you keep typically high-profile projects on schedule, and avoid unnecessary disruptions to the school environment and activities.

Belmont University – Dining and Academic Complex

  • Owner: Belmont University
  • Contractor: R.C. Matthews Contractors
  • Contract Amount: $4,400,000
In August of 2013 Lee Company was chosen to be the mechanical contractor for this project and was involved throughout the design phase. The design portion of this project was completed in May 2014. Lee Company facilitated the coordination of the Mechanical, Plumbing, Controls, Test and Balance, and Insulation subcontractors.

Ensworth Tennis Facility

Nashville, TN

  • Owner: Ensworth School
  • Contractor: Phipps Construction
  • Contract Amount: $1,226,773
Students at Ensworth High School can play tennis no matter what the weather, with completion of a four-story, indoor tennis center. Work on this 154,000 square-foot facility benefited from time-tested and innovative technology; our team used 3D design and smart glasses to save time, enhance safety on site, and improve communications with everyone involved.

Lee University

Cleveland, TN

  • Owner: Lee University
  • Contractor: Ryezec Building Group
  • Contract Amount: $526,901
Lee University is ranked in the “Top Tier” in the South. The growth highlighted the University’s need to renovate its dining hall, housed in a century-old building. The university needed the construction done in 50 days, while the kitchen remained in operation. Even with unexpected delays, Lee Company completed the job safely and on time.

Vanderbilt University Barnard Kitchen

Nashville, Tennessee

  • Owner: Vanderbilt University
  • Contractor: Dykes Foodservice
  • Contract Amount: $121,791
Lee Company’s roots are in refrigeration – an area few tradesmen specialize in today. Drawing on our professional expertise, the Lee Company team engineered and installed a “cool” kitchen for the new Vanderbilt Barnard residential college at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

Government Services

Government agencies are building infrastructure and support facilities to serve a growing and diverse population. Our experienced team has the knowledge needed to provide all Lee Company services in compliance with government protocols.

  • First responder facilities – Police, Fire, EMT
  • Administrative facilities
  • Healthcare – VA, public hospitals and clinics
  • Public works
  • Parks and sport venues

Lee Company’s Construction team offers: design services, including fully engineered and stamped documents; construction services, including installation of all MP&E systems; and prefabrication and modular services. To build the best, work with the pros: Call Lee Company today.

Redstone Arsenal

Huntsville, AL

  • Owner: U.S. Army Garrison
  • Contractor: Lee Company
  • Contract Amount: $549,873
At the Army’s Redstone Arsenal the indoor pool was great, but humidity and temperature control made the poolside area incredibly uncomfortable. Lee Company developed a creative HVAC solution, improving the pool environment and saving energy costs. When a protective wall obstructed construction progress, Lee Company flew equipment in using a crane.

U.S. Space and Rocket Center

Huntsville, Alabama

  • Owner: U.S. Space and Rocket Center
  • Contractor: Lee Company
  • Contract Amount: $184,587
The U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama is the largest spaceflight museum in the world. When leaking pipes threatened a national landmark, the Center turned to Lee Company to engineer an out-of-this-world solution.

First Tennessee Park

Nashville, TN

  • Owner: Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County
  • Contractor: Bell and Associates
  • Contract Amount: $6,606,275
The LEED Silver Ballpark resides in the Historic location of the Sulphur Dell Ballpark on the north side of downtown Nashville. This state-of-the-art facility holds 10,000 people, with fixed seats and suites. Lee Company was selected for the HVAC and Plumbing portion of the project.
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