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Lee Co HVAC Technician

Air conditioning tune-up and inspection

On a hot summer day, there’s nothing like walking into a cool, comfortable home. With a 20+ point cooling and maintenance inspection, Lee Company makes sure all elements of your air conditioning system are in shape. We clean the AC condenser and evaporator coils, check all wiring connections, and test all capacitors. After the inspection, we'll provide a detailed report on the tune-up and maintenance performed.
Lee Company HVAC Tech

Heating tune-up and furnace safety inspection

When your heating system is running at peak performance, the benefits are truly heartwarming. Lee Company’s 20+ point inspection and seasonal tune-up helps keep your home comfortable and your energy bills down. Whether you have a heat pump, a gas furnace, or both, our experienced pros are well-prepared to keep your system in top shape. Have an HVAC question? Just ask!
Lee Company Plumbing

Plumbing inspection

If you don’t want to crawl under your house to check the pipes, here’s good news: A Lee Company plumber will do that for you, and – if necessary – provide visual findings to show you any issues. The annual inspection reviews proper drainage and water pressure throughout your home, and includes a search for leaks. We also check toilets, water heaters, and other plumbing fixtures.
Lee Company Electrician

Electrical inspection

Electricity powers our homes and our lives. An annual visit from a Lee Company electrician helps keep the system running smoothly, so you avoid unnecessary outages and issues. Our pro will test all safety devices, including smoke and CO2 detectors; visually inspect your attic, basement, and or crawl space to identify potential hazards or code violations; and check all electrical fixtures.
Lee Co HVAC technician

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