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    We are the Electrical Experts

    Electricity powers our lives – from the AC to TVs. Keep everything running smoothly. For emergencies or day-to-day jobs, Lee Company electricians are here to help.
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    Professional, Honest Help

    Call us for any electrical project, from installing an outlet to a whole-house renovation.

    Lee Company Electrical Help

    Repairs and Replacement

    We’re ready today to repair or replace everything from ceiling fans to landscape lighting.

    Technical Spotlight 

    Whole-Home Surge Protection

    A powerful burst of excess voltage can damage your home as well as the computers, appliances, and entertainment systems you keep plugged in. The problem can strike anytime from a lightning storm, blown transformer, or poor electrical supply from the utility company. Thankfully, there is an economical solution available: whole-home surge protection, a breaker added to your main electrical panel by a Lee Company certified electrician.

    Did you know that anything with a motor can cause a harmful electrical surge? That includes your air conditioning, heat pump, washing machine, and refrigerator. A whole-house surge protector guards against in-home problems as well.

    Emergency Generators

    With a whole house generator, you’ll have lighting, heating, and air conditioning the next time the power goes out. And the food in the fridge will stay cold!

    Solar Attic Ventilation

    Is money floating out of your roof? Attic ventilation saves energy, and protects the structure of your home.

    Solar Lighting & Lighting Tubes

    Enjoy the lighting equivalent of a 400-watt light bulb without the heat gain. And, once installed, you’ll enjoy it for free.

    Energy-efficient Lighting Retrofits

    Upgrade the energy efficiency of your light fixtures and bulbs. New bulbs, available in a variety of colors, use up to 75 percent less energy.

    Automated Energy Management System

    Save energy. Control everything from lighting and HVAC to cable TV from a single control panel, your PC, Mac, or smartphone.

    Whole-House Surge Protection

    Protect your expensive appliances, computers, and TVs from electrical surges with a whole-house surge protector. This small device can make a huge difference.

    Lighting Automation and Photocell Controls

    Never come home to a dark house. Protect your home when you’re out of town. Program your lighting for peace of mind and energy conservation.

    Accent/landscape Lighting

    Add curb appeal the easy way! Indoor/outdoor lighting packages quickly enhance the beauty of your home.

    Home Maintenance Plan

    Keep major home systems in shape. One low price. Four visits every year.

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    The best, for less. Act now, and take advantage of these special offers!

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    Financing Options

    Lee Company is ready to help, with easy financing and payment plans.

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    Your Neighbors Love Lee Company

    Brad was GREAT!!! We had a bit of an issue when a GFI outlet tripped and we couldn’t find the box. He was deliberate and diligent trying to find it. I was nervous we couldn’t find it, but he was very steady about the whole thing

    - Rob E.

    Johnny was fantastic! I am having a dinner party tonight and he rescued me.

    - Kathryne C.

    Kenny was very helpful and went out of his way to solve my problem with a ceiling fan. He offered suggestions about my attic access and lighting in 2 closets that I am considering. He shared good information.

    - Alice A.

    John was fantastic. Spent a good bit of time with us, explaining everything and ensuring that we felt comfortable. I felt he was being truly honest with us and not trying to nickle and dime us, just doing good, honest work.

    - Heather H.

    All experiences with Lee Company have been excellent. Very professional. I always call Lee Company for electrical, plumbing, air/heat, and home projects.

    - Dwight R.

    Very prompt. I really liked his use of safety equipment (small orange cones, shoe covers, etc.) Extremely knowledgeable, very friendly. Great experience for a first-time customer!

    - Benjamin W.

    Always a pleasure to work with each technician that has been in my home. Very informative experience.

    - Donna P.

    I had a weird pipe sticking up out of my new roof. The roofers were not sure if it was a gas pipe or what. Mr. Williams told me it was a vent pipe. That was a big relief as I could not figure out where gas would be coming from, mystery solved! One happy 71-year-old customer.

    - Ruth T.


    You’ve seen our vans. Now, see why people are relieved when we pull up! Lee Company is here to help.

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