Protect Your Electrical Equipment with a Whole House Surge Protector

Protect Your Electrical Equipment with a Whole House Surge Protector from Lee Company

Without taking precautionary measures, you could be one lightning strike away from all the electronics in your home being destroyed. Your refrigerator, your HVAC system, your personal computer…everything. A devastating power surge costs thousands of dollars and causes unnecessary grief.

Fortunately, there’s an affordable solution that can prevent power surges from damaging the electronics in your home. One of Lee Company’s expert electricians can install a whole house surge protector that will more than pay for itself in the event of a power surge.


What Causes a Power Surge?

A power surge happens in a flash, producing tens of thousands of volts of electricity. This can easily fry out any circuit board, crash any hard drive, and destroy any appliance. Surges caused by lightning pack the biggest punch, but the lightning must strike within a mile of your home to do any damage. While this is not uncommon, it’s not the greatest surge-related risk you face.

Surges are far more likely to be caused by power outages, blown transformers, or from routinely cycling the electronics in your own home. That’s right: washers, dryers, HVAC units, refrigerators, and other common household devices are more likely to induce a destructive power surge than a lightning strike. Even minor power fluctuations can cause short and long-term damage.

For this reason, it’s important to be proactive about protecting your appliances and other electronics with whole home surge protection.


What is a Whole House Surge Protector?

A whole house surge protector is a small device that makes a big difference. This specialized breaker, installed on your main electrical panel by one of our certified electricians, is designed to block the flow of excess electrical currents. Most modern whole home surge protectors use metal oxide varistors (MOVs) to effectively avert power surges.

Simply put, whole house surge protection will safeguard your appliances and electronics from harmful voltage spikes. Our lives are dependent on the convenience and connectivity provided by our electrical equipment. So, it makes perfect sense to be proactive when it comes to protecting your gadgets and appliances with a whole house surge protector.


Are You Ready to Install You’re Whole House Surge Protector?

Installing a whole house surge protector is an economical solution to voltage irregularities. A certified electrician from Lee Company can safely modify your circuit breaker and provide you with an extra layer of protection. The addition of this simple device can save you time, money, and headaches. Protect your home against power surges by contacting Lee Company to schedule an appointment.