What to Expect During a Home Plumbing Inspection

What to expect during plumbing inspection

As a homeowner, it can be easy to overlook all of the moving parts in our house — HVAC, plumbing, electrical, appliances — until they break down. Staying on top of all your home’s systems, however, helps ensure things will continue to run smoothly and save you from costly breakdowns.

As part of Lee Company’s Home Maintenance Plan, members receive a comprehensive annual plumbing inspection. There is no better way to stay safe and comfortable in your home than by having a Lee Company professional take care of what’s most important to you.



Professional inspections have a couple of major benefits compared to attempting to perform them yourself. You can count not only on a plumber’s experience and expertise if they do find something amiss, but also have them worry about the things you probably don’t want to deal with.

For many homeowners, the parts they are happy to pass off include things like checking pipes under the house or dealing with annoying toilet flappers and slow-draining sinks. Or for those who don’t mind the small jobs but aren’t comfortable tackling bigger problems, professional inspections ensure your water heater is tested and flushed regularly, and that your outdoor pipes are properly insulated against winter freezes. Top to bottom, a quality inspection can save quite a headache.



A quality home plumbing inspection will include checks anywhere water runs through your house. This includes sinks, toilets, tubs, lines, and pipes. Underneath and outside of your house, our plumbers will check both pipes and hydrants for leaks, as well as check for proper support to ensure anti-freeze protection.

Toilets and water heaters get an additional inspection. Toilets will have their water levels, flappers, and filler mechanisms checked. Water heaters will receive water temperature checks and have pressure relief valves and pipes tested before being flushed.



If you see any leaks, call a professional as soon as possible. Water can be the single most destructive force on a house and should be addressed quickly.

Otherwise, prevention is the best medicine. Take your plumber’s advice in insulating exterior pipes so you aren’t hit with a frozen pipe in the winter. Understand that fixtures, washers, and sealers all have a lifespan. If your home hasn’t seen any updates in your lifetime, stay on the lookout for small leaks that may start to develop, and start planning now about what you might do in case something does break down. It’s always best to be prepared.



It pays to have a plan for your home’s most critical systems, and Lee Company Home Maintenance Plans are the best in the business. For as little as $144 a year, you can receive annual inspections on your air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and electrical systems. As a member, you’ll also receive priority service, a discount on service calls, parts, and labor, and you’ll never pay emergency rates.

Contact us today to learn how you can become a member.