There’s no stopping a fast-food leader moving fast. Working on an incredibly tight schedule, Lee Company helped CKE Restaurants Holdings – Hardee’s parent company – move its HQ from California to suburban Nashville. The innovative office build-out included construction of a test kitchen on the 10th floor of a new high rise. Since the kitchen equipment was too large to fit on the elevator, several windows had to be removed and the equipment was flown in using a crane. The work was safely and successfully accomplished at a full jobsite, without damage to the landscape work underway. And, it was done on time!

Square Footage:

44,572 square feet

Duration: 5 months

Scope of Work:

  • 9th floor office (14,223 SF)
  • 10th floor office (25,566)
  • 10th floor kitchen (4783 SF)
  • 10 VAVs, 45 fan powered units and 2 water sourced heat pumps
  • Four grease exhaust fans, four grease hoods, two make up air units and one rooftop unit were provided by owner, received and installed by Lee Company
  • Built and installed grease duct for the four grease hoods in the test kitchen

Awards: ABC Award Winner