After a March 2020 tornado devastates a FedEx facility, Lee Company packs three years of electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work into eight months to deliver the resources and relief FedEx employees need to stay productive during a double move.

Square Footage:

970,984 square feet

Duration: 8 months

Scope of Work:

  • Installed twenty-nine 25 ton rooftop units with 4-way blow drum diffusers to supply warehouse
  • Installed nine rooftop units ranging from 3 to 15 tons to supply offices and breakrooms with associated supply and return ductwork with insulation, grilles, and diffusers
  • Installed seven exhaust fans ranging from 60 to 1,150 CFM with associated ductwork and grilles
  • Installed new gas pipe on roof to all new rooftop units
  • Install power to support 38 roof top units
  • Install 20,000 receptacles of varying voltages and amperages
  • Install power, lights, and controls for 47 dock levelers
  • Establish operation of 12 production lines utilizing salvaged equipment from the Eastgate Location, new and refurbished equipment