As part of an upgrade of air handler units at the Horizon Medical Center, an outdoor air unit had to be replaced – a process that would normally take a week and disrupt activities. The hospital needed it done in one day, with no impact on patients. Thanks to extensive, detailed planning, Lee Company completed the rooftop replacement in a day without interrupting patient care. In other phases of the project, Lee Company used Aero-Seal on ductwork, eliminating the need to cut through hospital ceilings, reducing time spent on the project, and minimizing disruptions – all while delivering an outstanding end product.

Duration: 8 months

Scope of Work:

  • Replacing 2 existing air handler units
  • Installing 1 exhaust fan
  • Installing 5 new terminal units
  • Demoing all equipment out of the third-floor mechanical room
  • Installing AHU-3 in the third-floor mechanical room
  • Installing a 100% new outdoor air unit on the roof

Awards: ABC Award Winner