Some buildings aren’t designed for renovations. Facing a challenging deadline to renovate two HCA buildings, Lee Company quickly realized the structures had to be modified to install new chillers and boilers. The team literally pulled together, creating an elaborate pulley system to lift the equipment into place without the use of power equipment. Lee Company also used 3D technology to redraw the internal systems, and relied on its professional fabrication shop for customized materials. While handling the difficult renovations, Lee Company simultaneously constructed two HCA parking garages. Clockwork, accident-free performance and just-in-time deliveries kept the schedule on track.

Square Footage:

Office space renovation: 432,000 square feet

Parking garage construction: 271,120 square feet

Duration: 11 months

Scope of Work:

  • 1 new 19,000 cfm air handling unit, 1- existing air handling unit upgrade
  • 2 new 450 ton chillers and 900 ton two cell cooling tower
  • 2 3,000 MBTU condensing boilers
  • 11 new chilled water, hot water, and condenser water pumps
  • 6 VFD’s for pumps, controls, insulation for duct and piping, chemical treatment
  • Galvanized duct for HVAC, welded carbon steel duct for kitchen hood exhaust
  • New general exhaust system and galvanized duct
  • New plumbing fixtures - 73 new water closets, 24 new urinals, and 83 new lavatories
  • Test and balance for airside and waterside of all systems

Awards: ABC Award Winner