When you think about the United States’ rocket and missile operations, it is inherently “cool” for its classified nature and impressive engineering. But for Lee Company’s customer Redstone Arsenal, the task at-hand involved demolishing and installing a 450-ton HVAC chiller that cools a 825,000-square-foot complex where members of the Department of Defense and Department of Justice work daily.

The project was not only complicated by security clearances required for Lee Company employees, but also by the challenge of installing a new chiller through garage doors with minimal clearance. Lee Company coordinated various logistical details, completed the project efficiently, and went above and beyond by installing a bigger garage door at no additional cost to the customer. Redstone Arsenal building 4543 benefited from a well-installed, long-lasting absorption chiller, and a better method for servicing and extracting massive HVAC equipment in the future.

Square Footage:

250,000 square feet; 4,000 square foot chiller house

Duration: 2 months (February 2022 – March 2022)

Scope of Work:

  • Demolished a pump pad that was 3-feet thick with a pump on it, as well as demolishing the existing 450-ton chiller.
  • Extracted the old and installed a new, 450-ton chiller through a garage door with minimal clearance.
  • Installed a bigger garage door for easier extraction of chillers in the future and at no extra cost to the customer.