The Braxton Harpeth Shoals project consisted of two twin ten story high rise towers that collectively house 136 luxury residences, complete with luxury penthouses, and commercial retail space on the first floors. Lee Company was selected as the mechanical and plumbing engineer and contractor to manage the Design/Build process. The total area of this project was approximately 320,000 square feet. Lee Company employees installed over 1,200 plumbing fixtures over the collective twenty floors. They installed over 20 miles of plumbing piping to serve these fixtures. A single domestic water booster pump was designed and installed by Lee Company to ensure desired pressure was achieved on the upper floors. Lee Company installed a 250 ton chiller on each of the tower’s roofs. Together these chillers, along with four mechanical pumps, circulated chilled water to over 150 fan coil units in the towers. Heating was provided by the electric heat in the fan coil units, 26 wall mounted heaters, and two roof mounted Aaon make up air units. There were over 300 fans installed by Lee Company. Lastly, eight stairwell pressurization fans were designed and installed by Lee Company to provide the required pressure to keep the regressing occupants safe in the event of a fire.

Square Footage:

260,000 square feet

Scope of Work:

  • Two 10-story towers
  • 136 units
  • 250 ton chiller on each of the tower’s roofs
  • 26 wall mounted heaters
  • 300 fans installed
  • 2 roof mounted AAON make up air units
  • 1,900 plumbing fixtures