As a frequent partner for Belmont University, Lee Company is constantly working on new, large-scale projects for the nationally-recognized university based in Nashville, Tenn. The Fisher Center for the Performing Arts, however, is unlike any other project Lee Company has built for the campus to-date. University officials did not simply want to build a grand, state-of-the-art performance hall; they wanted the best in the country. The construction itself was to be a work of art, and the acoustics were to be unmatched. From an HVAC/mechanical and plumbing standpoint, Lee Company was tasked with installing isolated piping, ductwork built in-house for nearly four dozen elevations, 2 chillers and 9 underground ice storage tanks, as well as coring holes for the grills underneath various sizes of performance hall seats to supply air from underneath the floor. Minimizing or eliminating sound was the consideration of every HVAC and plumbing feature of this project. Additionally, everything needed to be commissioned for LEED certification.

Square Footage:

142,810 square feet

Duration: 41 months (March 2018 - August 2021)

Scope of Work:

  • Fabricated and installed extremely large ductwork in very difficult-to-reach places, including half levels; there were a total of 47 elevations and minimal ceiling space for coordinating trades.
  • To sound-proof the equipment, everything was hung from isolation hangers, and all the duct was lined.
  • Holes had to be cored individually and specifically for each performance hall seat. The air supply for the performance hall is a pressurized plenum underneath the floor, supplied through grills under the seats.
  • Lee Company installed a VRF to cool the building and heat water, as well as 2 air cooled chillers and 9 underground ice storage tanks to eliminate noise and to be used during performances.
  • Work in the two-story mechanical room included installing huge ductwork and pipe. The team also operated within the equipment clearance requirements.
  • The Manufacturing Facility spooled all of the pipe, assembled the pieces and numbered them before shipping to the project site. The Logistics Team would then stage the pieces by the rooms they were going to.
  • Plumbing included copper domestic water, cast iron sanitary, and storm dewatering pumps and fixtures.