As an established practice in Huntsville, Alabama, The Orthopedic Center hired Lee Company for both a necessary and cosmetic renovation of its plumbing systems and fixtures. The contracted work initially involved three things for its medical office build-out: install and insulate new piping and install new fixtures. Not unlike a routine doctor’s visit, the Lee Company team began by investigating the inner workings of the plumbing system. What they discovered was a sewer system issue that could have wreaked havoc on The Orthopedic Center. Lee Company proposed a winning solution by demoing and redesigning the sewer system while completing renovations.

Square Footage:

15,765 square feet

Duration: 8 months (May 2022 – December 2022)

Scope of Work:

  • Demolition of existing plumbing systems as required
  • Plumbing fixtures: As shown on plumbing drawings
  • Domestic water (Type L Copper), sanitary waste (Cast Iron-UG/Cast iron-AG), and vent (Cast Iron) piping
  • Insulation of piping
  • Final inspection with local codes and required permits for our scope of work