Westin had high expectations for its new high-rise hotel in downtown Nashville. Lee Company delivered, overcoming challenges with logistics, weather, space and time to help create a Music City landmark that’s delighting local residents, business travelers and tourists.  With 453 guest rooms and suites, this 27-story (28, if you count the 13th floor) luxury hotel has changed Nashville’s downtown skyline: Visitors enjoy a new vista of the exciting metropolitan area from L27, the highest rooftop bar in Nashville. Open since the fall of 2016, the hotel is a resounding success – and that’s music to our ears.

Square Footage:

478,500 square feet – 28-story (counting the traditionally ignored 13th floor)

Duration: 1 year and 8 months

Scope of Work:

  • 538 LG VRF Cassettes; 48 LG Condensing Units; 179 LG Heat Recovery Boxes; 1 AAON DOAS Unit; 3 AAON Roof Top Units; 4 York Roof Top Units; 67 Enviro Tech VAV / FPVAV Boxes; 1 Dectron Pool Room Dehumidification Unit; 2 Compu-Aire Computer Room Units; 1 Greenheck Make Up Air Unit; 1 Reznor Make Up Air Unit; 1 Greenheck In-line Exhaust Fan; 6 Greenheck Kitchen Hood Exhaust Fans; 2 Greenheck Supply Air Fans for stair pressurization; 2 Greenheck Garage Ventilation Fans; 3 United Enertech Relief Hoods; 7 Greenheck Louvered Penthouses; 16 Berko Unit Heaters; 3 LG Mini Split AC Units serving elevator equipment rooms; 260’ United Enertech Louver-Bloc Vertical Louvers serving the LG Condensing Units; and 2,291 Titus Air Distribution Pieces, including all the linear slots.
  • Everything needed for a complete system, including: 513 Water Closets; 13 Urinals; 545 lavatories; 469 Showers; 16 Tubs; 5 Hi-Lo Drinking Fountains; 4 Janitor/Mop Sinks; 55 Floor Drains/ Floor Sinks; 92 Roof Drains (primary and overflow); 6 Elevator Sump Pumps; 2 Groundwater Sump Pumps; 1 Grinder Pump System; 4 Green Turtle Grease Traps; 4 HyFab Domestic Water Booster Pump Systems; 3 Lochinvar Armor Water Heaters with 200 gallon storage tanks; 3 Lochinvar Sync Domestic Water Heaters with 258 gallon storage tanks/heat exchangers; 6 Domestic Hot Water Recirculation Pumps; and 6 Leonard Mixing Valves for each system.

Awards: ABC Award Winner