Mitigating the Midday Slump: Air Quality Solutions

Air Quality Solutions for Facilities - Lee Company fixes leaky duct work for better air quality.

Ever hear the rumor that casinos in Las Vegas pump in extra oxygen to keep people awake at the slot machines and tables?

It’s not a surplus of oxygen doing the trick: facility managers at these venues simply realize the impact proper airflow has: When they bring the right mix of fresh outside air into the gaming area, people stay active.

Fortunately, what works in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas. Improving the airflow – and air quality – at your facility can mitigate that famous after-lunch slump and boost productivity. At a time when it’s easier to save money than make money, increasing productivity matters.


Let’s start with airflow

When it comes to saving money, you wouldn’t toss cash out a window. But, if you have leaky ductwork throughout your facility, you are losing valuable resources and running up energy costs. Basically, you’re paying to have treated air delivered where it’s not intended to go.

Leaks are to be expected. Over time, the seals in ductwork get old and crack. Left alone, the leaks allow treated air to escape, while untreated air gets in. Fixing the leaks used to be messy and time-consuming – it was the job no one wanted. Aeroseal, with its clean and efficient technology, changed that.

As the only mechanical services provider in the region providing Aeroseal, Lee Company hooks our pressurized equipment up to your ductwork to measure the leakage. Once the issues are identified, the proper amount of safe, clean Aeroseal is then injected into the ductwork, where it floats down the duct, coagulates when it hits outside air, and fills up the leaky spots. With the leaks filled, the air handling unit (AHU) doesn’t have to work as hard, and the proper amount of treated air is delivered to each room.

Aeroseal is so effective and cost-efficient that Lee Company uses it on new construction as well as remodels and repairs.


Air quality matters, now more than ever

As companies around the country get back to business, you may be facing concerns beyond airflow. People care about air – they want assurances that the indoor environment at your facility is safe.

To ensure you have the right amount of fresh air in your facility, Lee Company suggests “flushing” your building two hours after it closes and again two hours before it’s occupied. The process we implement removes the stale air, without impacting workflow.

Beyond bringing fresh air into your building, you want to maintain excellent indoor air quality throughout the day. Air scrubbers can help. As an aftermarket addition to an AHU, an air scrubber treats and disinfects air before it’s delivered back to the space. This equipment, installed and maintained by Lee Company, applies an electric charge to the molecular airflow; filters catch the particles, and cleaner air is released into the facility.


Restart right

Now more than ever, employees, tenants, customers, and visitors want to breathe clean air. To help you restart right, Lee Company is offering a special facility evaluation that includes indoor air quality. The evaluation, available for a limited time only, covers such areas as humidity, temperature, and amount of outdoor air inside the building. We’ll also assess air handling units for performance and efficiency.


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Air Quality Solutions