Automotive Supplier Needing Repairs on a Cooling Water Pump

An automotive supplier was experiencing downtime due to constant repairs required on a cooling water pump. The pump
seals and bearings were failing frequently, and the original pump manufacturer was no longer in business. Adding to the frustration, there was no data or performance information on the pump, so finding a replacement seemed impossible.

Customer Goals:

  • Supply a steady flow of cooled water at a minimum pressure of 45 psi.
  • Provide a pump with locally and readily available service and maintenance parts.
  • Increase the efficiency of the system by incorporating new technology.
  • Protect the aged piping system from over-pressure.
  • Install the system during a planned maintenance shutdown.


  • Installed the new pump based on analysis.
  • Provided variable speed motor control.
  • Provided closed-loop controller to maintain constant system pressure.
  • Re-installed vibration monitoring hardware to track performance.
  • Coordinated pre-fabricated assemblies and equipment to permit installation during the five-day maintenance shutdown.


  • The new pump fulfilled the system pressure and flow requirements while operating at 77% of full speed.
  • The new pump system efficiency and capacity allowed operation with one pump instead of two pumps.
  • Energy savings provided a payback on investment in less than 2 years.
  • The system vibration became insignificant.

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