Shine Light on Better Air Quality with a UV Light Air Purifier

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Home is where the heart is, the saying goes, but it could also be the source of poor indoor air quality that can aggravate allergies or make you and your family sick. No matter how carefully you clean and vacuum, mold, mildew, viruses, and other germs can grow in the HVAC ducts that move air throughout your home.

The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that concentrations of some pollutants can be two to five times higher indoors than they are outside. Now that we’re spending more time at home working, educating the kids, or enjoying family get-togethers, this can have a serious impact on our health. The EPA says young children and the elderly are most at risk.

Fortunately, there is a way you can protect your family. Adding an ultraviolet light (UV) air purifying system to your HVAC can inactivate many of these harmful pollutants and improve air quality inside the home.

Advantages of UV light air purifiers

UV light has been used for years to purify water, surfaces, and the air, including hospital rooms. Now you can have that same technology in your home.

Lee Company’s HVAC pros can install small UV lights throughout your system. They turn on and off with your furnace and air conditioner. In the same way, UV rays from the sun can cause sunburn, UV lights inside your HVAC ductwork will “burn” or destroy many of the pollutants that threaten your family.

There are a lot of portable UV air purifiers on the market, but they won’t protect your family as efficiently as a UV system connected to your HVAC. Portable units are designed to purify the air in a single room or area. But a UV system connected to your HVAC can quickly purify the air throughout the whole house.

Your whole home UV air purifier has another benefit. It helps eliminate particles in the air that cause unpleasant odors from cooking, smoking, and other sources, leaving the air in your home feeling fresh.

UV light air purifiers require less maintenance

Other forms of air purification rely on filters or screens, which can become clogged and have to be periodically replaced or cleaned. With a UV light system, you never have to worry about air filters. Maintenance is as simple as changing a light bulb. During scheduled maintenance visits, Lee Company professionals will replace any UV bulbs that go out.

We are the HVAC experts

If you’re concerned about poor air quality inside your home or tired of annoying odors and constantly changing filters on your HVAC system, it may be time to install a UV air purifier. Lee Company’s HVAC experts are professional, knowledgeable, and always ready to help.

If you want to improve the overall air quality in your home, contact Lee Company today to learn more about how a UV air purifier can help.

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