Celebrating Excellence: Lee Company’s Award-Winning Success in Kentucky

Award-Winning Success in Kentucky - Lee Company

In the landscape of Bowling Green, Kentucky, a story of innovation, determination, and engineering prowess unfolds at a processing plant that goes by the code name “BG” to protect its privacy. Here, amid the rhythms of a bustling town and the demands of industry, Lee Company’s journey stands as a testament to excellence and the pursuit of perfection. With an award-winning triumph that echoes through the corridors of innovation, Lee Company has redefined what it means to exceed expectations.

The Genesis: BG Project 1

It all began in 2019, when Lee Company’s experienced plumbers took on a monumental challenge. Tasked with a design-build contract for the enigmatic BG, they were to create an 80-foot, five-story tower that seamlessly integrated carbon steel pipes of varying sizes into an operational processing plant. This ambitious undertaking was fraught with challenges from the outset.

The conditions were demanding – cramped spaces, soaring temperatures exceeding 110 degrees atop the tower, and a preexisting delay that put Lee Company behind schedule from day one. The team’s dedication, however, was unwavering. Working ten-hour days and six-day weeks, they persevered, ensuring their work not only met expectations but exceeded them. Their efforts transformed BG’s processing plant into a pinnacle of efficiency, achieving levels that previous design-build collaborations had failed to reach.

Trust and the Pursuit of Excellence: BG Project 2

The triumph of BG Project 1 set the stage for an encore that would redefine Lee Company’s capabilities. BG’s faith in the team’s expertise was unwavering, leading to the inception of BG Project 2 in 2022. This time, Lee Company was tasked not only with execution but also with design, a testament to their growing reputation for excellence.

Rather than resting on their laurels, Lee Company chose to embark on an even more ambitious journey. In a display of unyielding determination, the team sought to outdo themselves. Armed with experience and insights, they aimed to transform a seemingly identical project into an opportunity for improvement.

Engineering Elegance: Innovations That Make Waves

While the challenges remained familiar – tight deadlines, confined spaces, and searing working conditions – the solutions Lee Company brought to the table were far from ordinary. The plumbers’ creative minds proposed a radical departure from convention – the use of PVC pipes as an alternative to carbon steel. This innovative decision was rooted not just in cost considerations but in the pursuit of smarter, more efficient solutions.

The benefits of PVC were manifold: resistance to contamination over time, a lighter alternative to carbon steel, and a streamlined installation process. By choosing PVC, Lee Company demonstrated their commitment to both immediate and long-term operational efficiency. Moreover, the transition allowed them to reduce crew size and eliminate the need for fire watches, showcasing their dedication to intelligent problem-solving.

Lee Company’s embrace of technology went beyond pipes and materials. Leveraging virtual construction capabilities and 3D modeling, they tackled complex challenges with finesse. From accounting for minimal access points to orchestrating the relocation of heavy equipment, the 3D models were the architects of precision, ensuring a seamless transition parallel to solving a multidimensional puzzle.

A Symphony of Success: The Unforgettable 4th of July

Amidst the journey’s crescendo, a memorable chapter unfolded on an early July day. The Lee Company team faced the challenge of tapping into pipes on the 4th of July, a day when fireworks usually take center stage. However, the team’s focus was on a different kind of spectacle – a flawless operation. Within a stringent four-hour window, they executed their plan with surgical precision, completing the task without any colorful explosions but with an abundance of professionalism.

Safety and Excellence: A Synergistic Balance

Throughout the journey, safety remained paramount. The Special Projects team’s dedication to well-being ensured frequent breaks, cooling gear, and temporary fans that shielded the team from overheating in demanding conditions. The result was an unblemished record – not a single incident or near-miss despite the challenges.

Even amidst their achievements, Lee Company’s commitment to safety remained unwavering. While the customer waived the need for safety meetings following the success of BG Project 1, Lee Company continued to conduct them weekly, a testament to their unwavering dedication to ensuring the well-being of their team.

Triumph in the Face of Complexity: A Huge Achievement

As BG Project 2 reached its climax, Lee Company’s triumph was undeniable. The project manager overseeing the endeavor vividly recalled the skepticism that lingered before the journey began – a friendly bet against Lee Company’s ability to deliver on time. The outcome? A triumph of dedication and expertise. Lee Company not only met the deadline but surpassed it by a week.

With the completion of the latest tower, BG’s processing plant stood as a testament to Lee Company’s unparalleled attention to detail. Executives and team members congregated to witness the manifestation of innovation and precision. Amidst this celebration, BG bestowed the ultimate accolade – their operations now ran at the peak of potential, a testament to Lee Company’s unrivaled design.


  • 2023 Excellence in Construction – Indiana/Kentucky Chapter: Award of Merit
  • 2023 Excellence in Construction – North Alabama Chapter: Award of Merit

P.S. BG2 was one of 4 Lee Company projects honored with a 2023 ABC award – and several of those projects received multiple awards! Altogether, Lee Company took home 11 ABC awards this year. That’s incredible. We greatly appreciate this industry recognition of our dedicated professionals and their work. Thanks to our team and customers. We couldn’t do it without you!

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